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  1. K

    Joann's - what am I doing wrong ?

    In my experience a thread or two will fray in the dryer but not enough to worry about. If you think it will be a problem cut the edges with a pinking shears. I never bother.
  2. K

    Joann's - what am I doing wrong ?

    Linen should work fine. But the caveat is you need to try it in your gun. As many here have noted, often each gun may have a favorite load.
  3. K

    Joann's - what am I doing wrong ?

    I may have to check our local store for bargains.
  4. K

    How old are ya?

    Had a friend who was told he was older than dirt. He replied that he had checked with the geology department at the local university and they told him that was not older than dirt. I’m older now than he was at the time.
  5. K

    What Muzzleloading Stuff Did You Do Today?

    I went to a small local gun show this weekend. Not much there for me. I did manage to pick up a canvas bag with the stuff in the picture. Lots of stuff for those other kind of muzzle loaders. I did get a full tin of RWS #1075 caps in the deal and a capper full of caps. Also an almost full box of...
  6. K

    .32 VS .36

    I have both and enjoy both. I tend to shoot the 32 more for just plinking. I’d liken them to the difference between a 22 and a 22 magnum in hunting scenarios. Both are fun. A 32 is just plain fun for plinking and doing stuff out to about 50 yards max. Both are cheap to shoot except for caps if...
  7. K

    .28 ga. Adressa percussion shotgun

    Check with Track of the Wolf.
  8. K

    Was gifted an original smoothbore

    I have an old Clabrough 10 gauge with what appear to be platinum or other light colored metal plugs in a similar area of the barrel. I suspect they were “blow out” plugs to prevent the barrel from rupturing and for decoration. If you want to shoot it, tap and install a plug would be my...
  9. K

    Changing Powder charges on woodswalk.

    If it works for you, who cares.
  10. K

    CVA .45 kentucky rifle barrel

    Did kit gun barrels need to be marked or proofed? O
  11. K

    What mistakes have you noticed in movies/tv shows that happen in the BP era like Daniel Boone, Patriot etc?

    And locations way out of whack. The old Gunsmoke series with mountains within half a days ride of Dodge City.
  12. K


    Rural? Not according to government statistics. If I remember right sometime in the 1980s they changed rural to non urban to describe those of us not in larger towns or cities. It always irked me. We were classified by what we weren’t rather than what we were.
  13. K

    Penny For Your Thoughts? Pawn Shop Find.

    Setting the trigger before cocking to fire was not uncommon on target rifles. I have a Tingle made in the late 60s that way.
  14. K


    You have lots of questions. You may want to do a search of this site and read some of the previous threads discussing patches and lubes. Try to find something that works well with your gun. Often times changing the lube or patch material will change the accuracy of your rifle. If I’m just...
  15. K

    Making percussion caps

    Sometimes the farm stores such as Tractor Supply have the good German caps is they also sell toys.
  16. K

    Old fella on the line.

    When do I become old people.
  17. K

    Missouri Chert Flint verses English Flint. Which is more reliable ?

    I pick up chert occasionally here in Kansas. I pay more attention to the quality of the stone than to the color. It varies from dark gray to almost ivory. I look for stuff that is dense and smooth/slick looking. I don’t know how to better describe it. If it is a broken piece I check for good...
  18. K

    Crossfire Question

    I use homemade wads cut from Duracell or leftover wool from old wool blanket projects. I punch them out with a cheap Harbor Freight punch. Mine, lubed with a melted mix of lard, bees wax and parafin. Lamb’s tallow was recommended in the recipe I found years ago but I didn’t have access to any...
  19. K

    Gun Value

    I’ll add, most of the 1858 Remingtons I see at gun shows are price around $300. Maybe &50-75 more depending on the show. Occasionally a little less.
  20. K

    Help identifying this old barrel

    The screw on the sight looks like it is screwed into a dovetail. It may have been added later in the life of the barrel. Maybe a fix for an older broken sight. Might be something from after 1900 to but the barrel doesn’t have look of being from the modern era. How long is the barrel and what is...