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  1. Dwight Harley

    TVM Early Virginia on its way

    Yep, I wish I had caught that in the pic before it was shipped. I have had some conversations with TVM about it and they wanted me to remove the barrel and ship it back to them. I did not want to do that, so I took it to a gunsmith down the road in Sheridan who is going to fix it for me. He did...
  2. Dwight Harley

    TVM Early Virginia on its way

    Thanks for the advice. I will give it a shot.
  3. Dwight Harley

    TVM Early Virginia on its way

    Yep, I agree. I have watched a few tutorial videos and I can fix this myself. I will ask the group.....should I start by removing some metal in the notch in the barrel or remove some metal from the sight to fit the notch? Thanks everyone for your comments and suggestions.
  4. Dwight Harley

    TVM Early Virginia on its way

    Yes, they have been super nice and assured me that they will do whatever it takes to address my concerns.
  5. Dwight Harley

    TVM Early Virginia on its way

    Yep, the rifle is here. It sure is purty. Even my wife who patiently endures my eccentricities and hobbies said that she loved the look of the steel against the dark walnut. As some of you noticed in the pics, the front sight is not flush with the barrel. I didn't catch that before shipping and...
  6. Dwight Harley

    TVM Early Virginia on its way

    I have talked to Melanie about my concern with the sight as it appears in the picture, but the rifle had already been shipped. UPS is supposed to deliver it today. She told me to let them know if I still have concerns when I have the rifle in hand.
  7. Dwight Harley

    TVM Early Virginia on its way

    TVM sent me these pics of my .54 caliber 42" Early Virginia with walnut stock and iron furniture. Should arrive next week. Turnaround time from placing my order to completed rifle was about ten months. 10 months. They have been great to work with.
  8. Dwight Harley

    TVM Early Virginia on its way

    TVM sent me these pics of my .54 caliber 42" Early Virginia rifle in walnut with iron furniture. Should be delivered next week. They were great to work with. Turn-around time from my order to completed rifle was 10 months.
  9. Dwight Harley

    from over the pond (Germany)

    Welcome from south-central Montana!
  10. Dwight Harley

    Mike Beliveau injured in fall, doing OK.

    I have learned a lot from Mike's videos. Wishing him a full recovery!
  11. Dwight Harley

    Glad to be here.

    Hi Jim, I am also making the transition from cap locks to flintlocks. I live over in Billings. Welcome!
  12. Dwight Harley

    What mistakes have you noticed in movies/tv shows that happen in the BP era like Daniel Boone, Patriot etc?

    I don't even know where I should start with the **** show that is "The Patriot." I recall reading that Mel Gibson's character was originally supposed to be based on Francis Marion, but like all historical figures, the Swamp Fox had some un-PC "baggage" that made the movie makers run off with a...
  13. Dwight Harley

    Hello all from Montana

    Howdy back at ya from Billings
  14. Dwight Harley

    What Was Under Your Tree?

    I got an email from TVM that said they were ahead of schedule and production on my .54 Early Virginia rifle would be starting soon.
  15. Dwight Harley

    Hello friends, now I have the time.

    Howdy from south central Montana. Congrats on your retirement! I plan to do the same this year.
  16. Dwight Harley

    Just Joined

    Welcome from south central Montana
  17. Dwight Harley

    New member from Denmark

    Welcome from Billings, Montana
  18. Dwight Harley

    New Member from Canada

    Welcome from down south in Montana
  19. Dwight Harley

    Gun of the day

    She's a beaut! Barrel length?
  20. Dwight Harley

    Mud bugs

    That purge bucket is darn clever!