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  1. B

    FOR SALE William Malcolm 6x scope

    Send me ur name and address i will mail u a personal check after it clears u can send me the scope
  2. B

    FOR SALE William Malcolm 6x scope

    Do u still have ur scope?
  3. B

    SOLD Nickel 1861 Sheriff Pietta

    Send me a message on where i need to send a check thanks bob
  4. B

    SOLD Pietta Cabelas 1858 .44

    I'm interested in ur pistol thanks bob
  5. B

    SOLD Ball Bag

    Would you send me ur info thanks bob
  6. B

    SOLD Uberti 1858 .44, fired 18 times $400 shipped

    This is bob could u text or call me at edited out i interested in ur fire arm uberti
  7. B

    WANTED Brass telescopic rifle sight

    I went on goggle to look for a price for the scope and i found some that u should look at i wont sell mine for what u can buy online
  8. B

    WANTED Brass telescopic rifle sight

    It only has 4x15 Japan on it optics r clear not sure what the price is
  9. B

    WANTED Brass telescopic rifle sight

    Its 32 inches long and 3/4tube
  10. B

    WANTED Brass telescopic rifle sight

    I have a long tube brass scope i will be home tomorrow evening i will send u some pics of it
  11. B

    Looking for a certain muzzleloader

    Traditions made a ss barrel cap lock short barreled 50. Cal it is octagon barrel for the length of the stock and round the rest its called a buckskinner
  12. B

    The carlin rifle

    I purchased a 50. Cal ml its called the carlin rifle it has a 13in barrel with a rifle stock i can not find any info on this rifle has anyone heard or know of this brand
  13. B

    SOLD REDUCED Harrington Richardson .58 Springfield Stalker

    So how do i contact you about ur 58 that you have for sale. Thanks bob