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    Best for moccasins?

    Thank you, Bill. It takes effort to awl and sinew sew but that and quality brain tanned and smoked hides can make for very comfortable and accurate footwear.

    Best for moccasins?

    This is an interesting thread and area of study, as one who has sinew sewn brain tanned and smoked moccasins for personal use over the years. I shifted from two piece moccasins with brain tanned and smoked mule deer and bison hide uppers and partially brain tanned bison soles to side seam...

    SOLD Hudson Bay Camp Knife

    This is a great-looking knife and I imagine it sold right off, very well done Randy! I have an original Jukes Coulson & Co. version with the bison horn scales and brass hardware handle but understand that the Hudson Bay Company camp type knife was not made until the mid 19th century, although...