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  1. L

    How to Checker a Hammer Spur?

    My method differs only in the layout method. I coat the hammer spur with a felt marker and then find a screw with the desired tpi. I use the screw to mark the "peak" of the spur then use a jewelers saw to saw lines using the screw thread marks to space the sawn lines. The sawn lines are only...
  2. L

    Butt Joint Gap Or is it called Barrel lug/ frame Gap?

    There are two points of contact that determine cylinder gap--the point that the barrel assembly contacts the frame below the cylinder and the end of the cylinder arbor where it should contact the bottom of the hole in the barrel assembly. The contact point on the frame acts as a pivot so any...
  3. L

    Cap Priming Compound

    H-48 Primer compound formula by weight: Potassium chlorate 51% Antimony sulfide 27.3% Sulfur 9.1% Glass powder 12.1% Sodium bicarbonate trace (optional) Aluminum powder trace (optional) Or go to ebay, search "priming compound". It'll be at the top of the page.
  4. L

    Cap Priming Compound

    I just bought some off ebay. Comes in pre-measured packets of chemicals you just mix together to make 1 ounce of compound which will make thousands of primers.
  5. L

    Competitive shooters, a moment of your time please.

    You might try stoning the full-cock notch and sear nose. I haven't seen a new pistol yet that they weren't rougher than a cob causing inconsistent pressure to be applied for release. Use a hard Arkansas stone and don't change any angles. You can use a revolver at Friendship to shoot...
  6. L

    Percussion lock design

    In the evolution of the sidelock, the addition of the bridle and the stirrup were "up-grades". Without a bridle the force of the mainspring is on one side of the bearing (lockplate). This causes the tumbler to want to tip to one side causing pressure on the inside-lower and outside-upper...
  7. L

    Loading cap & ball revolvers

    NEVER, NEVER, NEVER load any muzzleloader directly from a flask or horn
  8. L

    How to work with staining Damascus?

    An excellent in-depth treatise on this subject can be found in The Double Gun Journal, Vol.8 nos. 2 and 3. Short version, decide if you want a brown or black color. If brown, coat the barrel (after degreasing) with a slow rust product ( ie LMF) allow to rust then card ALL the rust off then...
  9. L

    Cylinder filler

    Over the powder.
  10. L

    Soft Brass for Sideplate needed

    Strange, I bought 3 pieces from them a few months ago.
  11. L

    Soft Brass for Sideplate needed

    stonewall creek outfitters
  12. L

    Kentucky rifle rear sight questions

    Whiskey, you might try an adjustable iris, such as made by Merit, which attach to your glasses by a suction cup. The iris increases the depth of focus to bring the sights into focus. If it works for you, you won't have to move the sights at all.
  13. L

    Pistol Match at Friendship

    Brad, To shoot most aggregates you will need three pistols: a flintlock, a percussion and a revolver. Having said that, you can use a revolver in the percussion pistol matches if you load a single shot at a time. I would suggest "traditional" ( plow handled) flint and percussion pistols as...
  14. L

    Pre ignition

    I saw it happen to a guy at my club years ago. He was loading without wiping between shots and was pressing the ball down with the palm of his hand on the end of the ramrod. It went off and the 4ft ramrod and 50 cal ball went through the palm of his hand. The patch stayed in the wound. The...
  15. L

    Help with new to me 45 flintlock

    If you have not already drilled out your touch hole--don't. I have concluded, in my 60 years shooting and building flintlocks, that ignition speed and reliability is less determined by the size of the aperture and more by the length of the flash channel. I make my own liners and their flash...
  16. L

    Target Pistol

    You might consider a percussion revolver. It can be used as a single shot pistol in percussion matches at Friendship and in revolver matches--two pistols in one. I recommend a Remington by Uberti or Pietta in .36 or .44. With no modifications it can be used in "as issued" matches as well.
  17. L

    High quality chisel brands

    As stated by others--Pheil, but they can be hard to find in stock. My second choice is Two Cherries, made in Germany by Kirschen.
  18. L

    Carving tools

    Gouges in sweeps from 3 or 4 to 11 in widths of 3-4 mm. Straight chisles from 2mm-10mm. V gouges in 60 and 90 degrees. I prefer Pheil or Two Cherries brands.
  19. L

    Removing the barrel on a hooked breech rifle for cleaning, yes or no??

    My hooked breech barrels come out of the stock for cleaning every time. That's the purpose of the hooked breech--make it easier to remove the barrel.
  20. L

    Thoughts On Smooth Rifles

    The first rifle I built 55 years ago was a .375 smooth bore. I shot 55 grs. 3F, tight patch around a .370 ball and could hold my own against rifled bore shooters out to 50 yards or so. It would really CRACK. I won my first competition medal (gold) at the Georgia State shoot in 1969 with that...