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  1. M

    FOR SALE Kibler SMR .45 $1500 SPF

    I reduced the price to $1500.
  2. M

    WITHDRAWN Kibler SMR .45 Cal.

    I've got one for sale in the classifieds and there are two more listed right now as well.
  3. M

    FOR SALE Kibler SMR .45 $1500 SPF

    Thank you for the kind words. I forgot to mention...this gun weighs 6.39#s on my digital postal scale.
  4. M

    FOR SALE Kibler SMR .45 $1500 SPF

    For sale is a Kibler Mountain rifle .45 I just finished. I did some light/medium antiquing on the wood and all metal is browned. Patchbox is handmade and has 3 holes for 200 grain Lee R.E.A.L bullets. Patchbox can hold 3 bullets, a few felt wads I like to use with the conicals, a turnscrew and a...
  5. M

    FOR SALE 1851 .36 cal pietta deluxe engraved aged finish revolver

    I forgot to mention I did not file any of the markings off the barrel
  6. M

    FOR SALE 1851 .36 cal pietta deluxe engraved aged finish revolver

    For sale is a .36 Pietta 1851...this is the deluxe engraved model. I aged the finished by removing the original bluing then rusting it with lmf browning, rubbing most of that back and then finishing with cold blueing rubbed back. I also replaced the bright white grips with this aged looking set...
  7. M

    FOR SALE New Chambers Golden Age flintlock $275 shipped

    Good sparking lock...new and unused. $275 shipped
  8. M

    SOLD .62 caliber Jaeger rifle flintlock $1800

    a couple full length pics with the new patchbox...I lowered the price to $1800 shipped. I'll leave it at that for awhile and if it doesn't sell will keep it and hunt the rest of the season with it.
  9. M

    SOLD .62 caliber Jaeger rifle flintlock $1800

    Heres some new pics of the box lid...I think it turned out well.
  10. M

    SOLD Effigy Fox face bag by Cory Joe Stewart

    Very nice effigy bag. Has a forged strap buckle and inner pocket. Bag measures 8" tall by 8.5" wide. $225 shipped
  11. M

    SOLD .58 caliber iron mounted Virginia Flintlock

    For sale is an iron mounted gun I built last year. It was someones abandoned project so I had to rebuild the lock and add a couple repairs. Specs are as follows 40" oct/rnd J.C. Kerr barrel. 6 equal width lands and grooves 1-60 or 1-66 twist...I haven't carefully measured it. Bud Siler lock that...
  12. M

    SOLD .62 caliber Jaeger rifle flintlock $1800

    Sorry for the blurry pic...the gun's very dusty anyway at the moment......I decided it needed a patchbox after I found some figured walnut amongst my wood scraps. I can't believe how well the figure in the box lid matches the buttstock. I've still got to buff and put a couple more coats on...
  13. M

    SOLD .62 caliber Jaeger rifle flintlock $1800

    Thanks for the kind words. This triggerguard is most often seen on Brandenburg region rifles. I copied the triggerguard finials and the sideplate from a Pistor Jaeger.
  14. M

    SOLD .62 caliber Jaeger rifle flintlock $1800

    For sale is a.62 caliber rifle I just completed. 33" Bobby Hoyt swamped barrel with 1-66" twist Barrel was charcoal blued. I rubbed it down with raw bees wax when it came out of the charcoal. It has a lot of rainbow colors showings in the light Stump cut figured walnut stock Davis round faced...
  15. M

    SOLD .40 southern 3/4 stock swamped barrel curly ash flintlock $1300

    Bore's perfect. I do more building than shooting... probably 100-150 rounds through it.
  16. M

    SOLD .40 southern 3/4 stock swamped barrel curly ash flintlock $1300

    I can add discreet Paypal F&F as a payment option if that'll help