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  1. muzzle-loader

    Pedersoli Shortages

    We have quite a few Pedersoli models in stock, however, certain models have been very difficult to get ahold of ever since COVID. We are optimistic that the worst of the shortages are over but it is impossible to say for sure.
  2. muzzle-loader

    Im going to do this thing

    I typically use a basic pan primer with a 3 grain dispenser. I usually use 4f when priming the pan, however, in my experience the pan primer has functioned just fine with 3f powder as well.
  3. muzzle-loader

    Flintlock Fun with our Customer Service Team

    We took our customer service team out to the range so they could get some time behind the Gemmer Hawken Flintlock. They all had a blast and we are pretty impressed with the performance of this muzzleloader!
  4. muzzle-loader

    Investarm Gemmer Hawken - Range Review

    @hanshi Thanks for the tip and I will be more cognizant of that moving forward. I am going to remove those photos as I would hate to encourage poor muzzleloader safety.
  5. muzzle-loader

    Investarm Gemmer Hawken - Range Review

    @SDSmlf We were shooting 50 yards. Thank you for pointing that out and I will be more aware of that moving forward. I will remove those photos as I would hate to encourage poor muzzleloader safety.
  6. muzzle-loader

    Investarm Gemmer Hawken - Range Review

    We took a trip out with the .50 Caliber Investarm Gemmer Hawken Flintlock and were impressed with the results. We used GOEX FFFFG for the pan and 60 grains of 777 FFG for propellant with .490 round balls and .015" Traditions Patches. We may play around with the charges to see if we can improve...
  7. muzzle-loader

    New to flintlocks: Looking for a 24" barrel rifle kit

    Investarm released the Hawken Carbine last year and it has a 24" barrel. It is available in a kit version with flintlock ignition and several caliber options to choose from. I will include a link below for you to review. Investarm Hawken Carbine: InvestArm™ Hawken Carbine Muzzleloader Rifles |...
  8. muzzle-loader

    Black powder turkey tale

    An incredibly well-written story! Thank you for taking the time to share this and congratulations on a beautiful bird!
  9. muzzle-loader

    Which Flints Produce the Best Spark?

    We are currently conducting some research regarding muzzleloader flints and we wanted to see what you all thought. What types of agate have you found to produce the best spark and durability?
  10. muzzle-loader

    Montana Heritage Muzzleloader Season

    We are doing some research on the new Montana heritage muzzleloader season. Did any of you hunt it last year and if so, what are your thoughts?
  11. muzzle-loader

    Hello from Muzzle-Loaders

    Thank you for your support!
  12. muzzle-loader

    Hello from Muzzle-Loaders

    Apologies for the delayed responses! Percussion caps have been a rare commodity but not totally unheard of. We have had some Schutzen musket caps in stock intermittently. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to nail down an ETA on percussion caps due to the limited availability. Our...
  13. muzzle-loader

    Hello from Muzzle-Loaders

    Correct, we are muzzle-loaders.com. Apologies for the delayed responses as we were absorbed in other tasks last week and were unable to respond. We appreciate the warm welcome from all of you!
  14. muzzle-loader

    Hello from Muzzle-Loaders

    Our entire operation is based out of La Grande Oregon. We shoot pretty much any muzzleloader that we can get our hands on! Here are a few pictures from the last Rendezvous that we attended in September!
  15. muzzle-loader

    Hello from Muzzle-Loaders

    We have been involved in the muzzleloader world for a long time and we decided it was time to join all of the fun in this forum! Looking forward to getting to know you all!