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  1. holzwurm

    need advise, RE 1861 Remington 40 cal old style, ser. #13549

    In original as found condition. Moderately corroded and has a broken trigger & cylinder stop spring. 1. Have disassembled to clean: can I use one of the derusting fluids from big-box or will I ruin the piece? 2. Where can I locate a trigger spring for this piece? $$$ 3. I'll probably...
  2. holzwurm

    What makes a good patch knife?

    try lurking around in an antique store and find an old straight razor.I have several around my shop that I used for this very purpose. Easy to put a piece of antler or wood handle on. It's ust a tool.
  3. holzwurm

    Camp chair out of a found construction plank

    :ghostly: Yep! I'm 84 and cant take the chance. Next one will be a bit higher.
  4. holzwurm

    Camp chair out of a found construction plank

    Yep. I once found a plank of hard maple in a land fill in Alfred Maine. I got two full stocks out of it.
  5. holzwurm

    Camp chair out of a found construction plank

    A week or so ago I found a 8 foot 2 X 12 laying aside the road. So I took it home and made this two-board camp chair. These have been called Viking chairs but there is no evidence vikings ever made such a thing. Anyway, it's a good item for that rondy camp. Actually very comfortable and easy to...
  6. holzwurm

    stuck nipple

    taking apart an old rifle from the 50's when liqued products didn't do the job I used a small tourch and heated the screw. They all came out after that
  7. holzwurm

    65 year old lock parts???

    All the above are righteous ideas. But I wanted to keep the exterior 60 year old dark brown patina. Carefull disassembly and hand treatment of the serious internal rust worked for me. Also, the pieces now work smoothly and crisply. Whoever finally acquires this piece will appreciate my...
  8. holzwurm

    65 year old lock parts???

    Not being a rock hound or ammo reloader, I don't have these pieces of equipment. So I do cleanup with small files and stiff cardboard abrasive finger nail files. A dremmel comes in handy too. Great for bringing mating surtfaces to a high polish. Thanks all.
  9. holzwurm

    65 year old lock parts???

    Little Hocking. OK now I know which adds to the history. As I mentioned, his name is stamped on the barrel so I guess there are exceptions. We naturally think a name on the barrel top flat suggests the maker. Thank you both.
  10. holzwurm

    65 year old lock parts???

    Have spent time on my bench cleaning up the furniture off those pig-in-a-poke Hawken style rifles I bought last spring. The part surtface's have a great patina which I will maintain, but the insides are just rusted all to hell after 65+ years of sitting in a closet somewhere. Penitrating oil...
  11. holzwurm

    What Muzzleloading Stuff Did You Do Today?

    Disassembled the iron parts off the pig-in-a-poke Hawken (1950/60 ERA) I bought last spring and began detailing them. Lot of corrosion on the inside of the lock, trigger plate and various other parts. I wont have to be concerned about a nice brown patina on the giblets. Nature and time have...
  12. holzwurm

    Unusual design percussion lock

    Yup. forgot that rule.
  13. holzwurm

    Has anyone used the new USPS Ground Advantage?

    I recently shipped rifles to Texas and Michigan Priority mail, insured 2.5K, USPS. Delivery to michigan was 4 days (over a weekend), texas 6. Both cost under 50 bucks. No stress about contents like UPS.
  14. holzwurm

    Unusual design percussion lock

    Have what I think is an early contemporary percussion lock. On the inside of the plate is stamped "T. GIDI" . The number 137 is stamped on several parts (inside the lock, on the barrel). The maker is "Taylor". Thoughts?
  15. holzwurm

    Inletting Black

    For many years I used black magic marker. Ned Ludd and I had a great time calling them magic inletting pen's on the back pourch of the cabin at Friendship
  16. holzwurm

    black rusting a barrel

    Many yers ago when I was a guest in Ron Ehlerts shop in TN, I saw one of his guns with an absolute BLACK rusted barrel finish. The item was pebbly rough and black as a raven. I think the product was one of his secrets and he never related how he accomplisshed the effect. I have a barrel coming...
  17. holzwurm

    wrecked hawkwn (more pic's)

    I am astounded how some parts of these rifles is so much trash yet the stock work is so well done. ie: butt plate and wedge escutions.
  18. holzwurm

    2 trashed hawken rifles

    Couple of weeks ago I mentioned two hawken style rifles I bid on at an online auction. When they showed up I discovered I'd bought a pig in a poke. Here are some images of the wreck. Both barrel tangs had been welded/brazed to the breech. One stock is missing a nose cap. The barrel ribs are...
  19. holzwurm

    Mailing some muzzleloaders

    Just learned that UPS shipping locations sell boxes useful for mailing a long gun. UPS frequently needs to ship golf clubs and has long boxes to do that. I'm not sure if they have one long enough for a really long rifle but my Jaeger fits one well. You could probably buy 2 boxes and sleeve one...
  20. holzwurm

    welding the tang to the breech plug !

    haven't decided yet about a salvage project. One of the rifle barrels had spent some time on a bridgeport. The bottom flat has about 1/16"+ inch milled off from the breach to the rear entry pipe, and underlug milled in place. What mess. Will take some entertaining photo's so you get some sense...