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  1. Toneloc

    Dry-fire a flintlock?

    Agreed with others. Dry firing with wood flint best way to practice.
  2. Toneloc

    Punch for stock pins

    Stupid question, pins for my Kibler are .037”. In the past I used a little piece of drill bit shank as a punch. Not ideal but works if you are careful. Looking around the internet looked like smallest punch you can get is 1/16”. Anyone have a source for a smaller punch?
  3. Toneloc

    SOLD Kibler Southern Mountain Rifle SMR - .45 caliber with extra fancy Maple stock

    Tough crowd here. Selling it at cost, with no $ for labor or finishing supplies and being told he’s charging a premium price, lol.
  4. Toneloc

    SOLD Completed Kibler Woodsrunner, .54 cal, extra fancy maple

    Any interest in a Kibler smr in .45?
  5. Toneloc

    WITHDRAWN Uberti 3rd Model Dragoon. Price reduced plus extras

    Buy with confidence, Torpedo is good to go. If you saw one of his powder horns first hand, you'd know he's an amazing craftsman. That holster looks great and I bet it's even nicer than the pictures show.
  6. Toneloc

    TC Renegade bad breech plug: fixable? Advice requested.

    I didn’t read every post, so apologies is already suggested…but what about drilling and tapping a hole and then plugging with a small piece of bolt. Put some loctite on the plug, peen it and file back flush.
  7. Toneloc

    SOLD Shot bag #1

    I’ll take it…PM me your PayPal.
  8. Toneloc

    An Early Vermont Rifle

    Wow, impressive! Well done.
  9. Toneloc


    I’ll take it. Pm me how to pay.
  10. Toneloc

    Finished My SMR Build

    Great job! Beautiful rifle. Congrats. I’m about 3-4 days behind you on the same rifle and caliber. 2nd coat of permalyn sealer just went on. My color looks similar, but looks like you have quite a bit more curl. What grade stock did you go with? Cut all my pins to length today and blued...
  11. Toneloc

    Ramrod Finish

    Cool, wasn't sure what the AF would do on hickory, I'll have to try some on another scrap piece and see if that gets the color I'm after.
  12. Toneloc

    Ramrod Finish

    Finishing up my Kibler SMR build and looking for opinions on ram rod finishes. I played around with the torch on cut off piece I had from trimming to length and then topped that with some Danish oil. Found it hard to get a consistent look without making it pretty dark. If I didn't go real...
  13. Toneloc

    T o w vent liners

    Why is it bad to remove the vent liner for cleaning?
  14. Toneloc

    What is the cleanest burning black powder?

    Consensus usually is Swiss burns the cleanest.
  15. Toneloc

    Kibler SMR is Here! (Build Log)

    My friends and I have a saying that we often recite for times like this….. “Can’t have nothin nice!!!!” Sorry to hear about your fiasco….reminds me of the time I was plumbing a new toilet flange for second story bath. I was on the kitchen counter reaching up into the ceiling fighting on the...
  16. Toneloc

    My Apprentice and Her English Fowler

    Late to the party here, will echo some of the other comments. So cool for a high schooler to get this opportunity….very awesome of you to support this. Progress is looking great.
  17. Toneloc

    After the Kibler Kits

    Curious on your stock finishing procedure? That looks great.
  18. Toneloc

    Renaissance Wax

    Any tips on application? Wipe on, let it haze up and buff off?
  19. Toneloc

    Jax black Barrel Advice?

    Have seen a few folks using this in the forum and posting up good results. I myself like birchwood casey super blue better…I didn’t get the absolute perfect job in getting even result the length of the barrel, but multiple coats definitely helped. Felt like any of the areas that still weren’t...
  20. Toneloc

    Woodsrunner Sling

    So are you supposed to slot the hole in the lug like the other barrel lugs?