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  1. M

    SOLD Vintage T/C .45 Cal flintlock Hawken

    How is the bore?
  2. M

    "Brise" POP is "Going Down Today"....Enjoy:

    Awesome video - keep em coming!
  3. M

    FOR SALE Vintage Colt - 1851 Navy - shootable condition

    two different pics with the name/date - one shows label of a .31 and the other a .36
  4. M

    SOLD PRICE REDUCED: T/C Hawken percussion rifle

    Does she have the third hole on the tang for a peep sight?
  5. M

    Greetings from Central Virginia

    Welcome from NOVA!
  6. M

    How fast can BP revolvers be reloaded?

    This is a great topic that I have thought/wondered about. Cylinder swapping does seem more 20th-century - dealing with the added wedge on my 1851 Navy for a cylinder swap is just asking for trouble and dropping something. The 1858 certainly lends itself way better for swapping out. I can see...
  7. M

    Pedersoli Lock slipping

    Thanks all for your input. The lock does not hold at full cock removed from the pistol. That rules out the trigger depth... Broken sear makes sense as the tip is a bit rough. Now to contact Pedersoli! And where do I find a mainspring vice?
  8. M

    Pedersoli Lock slipping

    Outstanding DuncNZ! Saving this! So do I work on the notch in the tumbler or the sear? Sear locks up nicely in half-cock. Thanks - Brian P.S. - I am a BSA Roundtable commissioner and hosting Son's of the American Revolution for their scouting outreach tomorrow, I just might as their reps too!
  9. M

    Pedersoli Lock slipping

    Greetings – picked up a "used" Pedersoli pistol and without even getting it out noticed a very very light trigger. So much that sometimes when pulling back to full cock it slips right away! I must admit, new to BP – and I love it! Past that quite adequate with the unmentionables and tools...
  10. M

    Old Army Modifications (long post)

    As I "new" Old Army owner I appreciate this post - will plan mods slow and appropriate but these examples are great! Thanks!
  11. M

    Maximum loads for 1858 Remington

    My Uberti's get 30gr of 3F - My Uberti carbine gets 35gr, but check you have to also check volume capacity. Not sure it can hold much more than 35 with RB. Not sure about the volume of the Kerr would clear, YMMV!
  12. M

    Glad I got a Cap making kit

    I was trying to figure how to hold the new empty caps for installing the primer compound and naturally later for acetone - right now I have just made a bunch of empty caps...getting ready for next steps but it seems scary...