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  1. Kiwi Hawkeye

    357mag loads

    Howdy all. I am lookin for a load for my 357 with pyrodex or 777 so I can shoot in black powder shoots
  2. Kiwi Hawkeye

    FOR SALE Buckskin pants

    Thanx bit heavy for the summer
  3. Kiwi Hawkeye

    FOR SALE Buckskin pants

    Can someone please point me in the right direction. I'm after some buckskin pant. I purchased some from Etsy but they were huge. I returned them and have never had a refund. BEWARE OF GRIFFIN TRADERS. THEY ARE THEIVES
  4. Kiwi Hawkeye

    CLOSED FOUND Sheath for 6” Butcher Knife

    I can make you one. Send me you email and I will send you some pix
  5. Kiwi Hawkeye

    SOLD CVA 12 ga shotgun

    Still forsale?
  6. Kiwi Hawkeye

    FOR SALE T/C Hawken 50cal

    Yes it is. 1 barrel. pic is a 2nd rifle I have
  7. Kiwi Hawkeye

    FOR SALE T/C Hawken 50cal

    $375 plus shipping Firm
  8. Kiwi Hawkeye

    FOR SALE T/C Hawken 50cal

    An oldie but a goodie. A great shooter. A few wear and tear marks but other wise great shape. See attached pix
  9. Kiwi Hawkeye

    Satin/ Matt finish

    Hi Guys and Gals. I have a TC Hawken stock I would like to strip and refinish. I want to know the best way to get a satin/ matt finish
  10. Kiwi Hawkeye

    SOLD Large Capote $295 Free Shipping

    What is the length from the collar seam to the bottom of the coat
  11. Kiwi Hawkeye

    Single/ set trigger

    Hi I have a pedersoli Kentucky rifle model S210 with single trigger. Is it possible to fit a single set trigger to it
  12. Kiwi Hawkeye

    FOR SALE Lee Bullet Molds

    I have 4 Lee bullet molds. #30 plus shipping each