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    Poor Man's Bore Light.

    Clever idea! One idea I have been using recently to great effect is lighted arrow nocks. Available in the archery section of most sporting goods stores, or on Amazon for around $15 for a 6-pack. Small enough to drop down the bore, and works great!
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    WANTED Underhammer Rifle

    For sure, shoot them over when you get a chance!
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    WANTED Underhammer Rifle

    Oh dear... that is nice! I guess Belgium classifies these as firearms then... That's too bad. Thanks for sharing though!
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    WANTED Underhammer Rifle

    Howdy all! I'm entertaining the idea of getting an underhammer rifle for longish-range target work, probably in the 40-45ish caliber range. Heavier profile/longer barrel. I love the Billinghurst-style actions, but will entertain just about anything. Let me know what you may have!
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    New member from Nevada

    Welcome fellow Nevadan!
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    Greetings from Nevada

    Welcome to the forum my new to muzzleloading friend. :) - Evil friend
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    Hello from Wales

    Welcome from NV! I have family in Cardiff as well as York. Love visiting the UK!
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    Hello from the PNW

    Welcome from NV!
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    Hello from Denmark.

    Welcome from Nevada! Also interested in the laws over there. I know in a lot of parts of Europe, for example, that silencers are legal, and even required at some ranges!
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    Joining from TNET

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    Hello from Western PA

    Welcome from NV!
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    Hello from NJ

    Welcome! Would love to see photos of some of your collection when you get settled in... :)
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    Greetings and salutations from Texas

    I know how you feel about jumping in with both feet... welcome!
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    Hello from Ohio

    Welcome from Nevada!
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    New member

    Welcome, sounds like you have a project on your hands, should be fun to follow!
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    Hi from Australia!

    Greetings from Nevada!
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    Greetings NZ

    Welcome from NV., USA!
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    Hello from Ohio

    Welcome from NV!