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  1. F

    FF or FFF?

    I have been shooting 2F Goex in my .45 Seneca percussion. 3F seems to be dirtier. Been wanting to try Swiss. I know I should buy both, but because of price should I purchase 2F or 3F to start? Thanks. Flashpoint
  2. F


    Wow, looks like all your dreams came true. beautiful spot. I am happy for you. Sorry though about your wife.
  3. F

    Oldest photograph of a dog.

    beautiful picture. BTW, is that a Parker?
  4. F

    Hats by L'il Grizz

    I have the identical hat only mine is gray. I love it and fits really good. Also, you would be surprised how warm it is.
  5. F

    Open carry flintlock

    Get this, a slingshot is considered a dangerous weapon in NJ and considered a 4th degree felony; and you have to have a real good reason to be carrying one. &@#$%$@*&^$ crazy!
  6. F

    Extremely frustrated

    I feel really bad for you. Hope you find out what's doin' it. Ya know, sometimes, late at night when I am pretty much sound asleep, I hear some barely audible rustling coming from the back room where I hang my guns and gear. Then I noticed my wife was not next to me in bed. Believing she...
  7. F

    From our lookout over the Arkansas River...........HI

    Wow! You found yourself a beautiful spot for sure. Congratulations to you and your wife. I think I'd like to do a painting from your photo of the moon on the river; if you don't mind?
  8. F

    New powder horn project

    Thanks friend. Keep up the beautiful work. FP
  9. F

    Tales of Makin Meat

    Hmmmmmmmm, I don't see no shot holes in them birdies. You must 've been aimin at their heads? FP
  10. F

    New powder horn project

    Thanks for letting me know. Your dad's horn is beautiful also. Did you steel wool it first before you applied any dye? And after you were done, was any finish or wax applied to protect it? Much appreciated.
  11. F

    New powder horn project

    Now that's a real pretty one; very elegant. Can I ask what you used to get that beautiful color? FP
  12. F

    Round Ball Shooters...........

    That's a good looking gun and looks well used; and at 16 no less. Great job. FP
  13. F

    Your best deal acquiring a muzzleloader, either trade or purchase

    That's one proud youngster. Love that smile.
  14. F

    Two Feathers Patch knife, powder measure and pan primer!

    That's quite a beautiful gun. What kind and caliber and is the stock maple? Thanks. FP
  15. F

    Powder horn funnel

    I had this little guy made by a Tin Smith. I think I found him in the back of one of the Muzzleloader magazines. Fits perfect and the powder slides down real quick. FP
  16. F

    Any Seneca shooters out there?

    Hey, compadres, l have a .45 Seneca and shoot a 440 round ball with mink oil on a .18 patch with 70 grains of FFG. I was wondering, after all the patches and powder and caps and lube and targets and frustration, what load did you finally work up that shoots best in your Seneca? Thanks. FP
  17. F

    GPR restocking question

    As a percussion guy, I know nothing about flintlocks, but I am an artist. so... is it possible to take off the hammer and securely tape a piece of tracing paper on the the gun and then carefully trace the outline of the lock plate area? Once you have the accurate tracing, tape it to a piece of...
  18. F

    Dyeing Deer-Antler Powder Measures with McCormick Food Coloring

    Dale, what about an exterior satin finish polyurethane over the color for protection. You could also rub it back a bit with some steel wool if it is too shiny?
  19. F

    How to remove a leather embossment?

    You will never be able to re-stain the leather and have it match so there will be a noticeable edge where one stain meets the other. Plus, the leather may have been waxed or water proofed. If you try to "beat" it out, you will only weaken and mat the integrity of the leather fibers which will...
  20. F

    Kibler - field observations?

    Can I come live with you?😁