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  1. dwarvenchef

    Kibler's next gun?

    I’m still hoping for a good Hawken style kit from Kibler, been saving my pennies since a podcast a couple of years ago.
  2. dwarvenchef

    What Muzzleloading Stuff Did You Do Today?

    Worked a bit on my persona some more. Late trapping era to early gold rush, its a California thing. Living a while in central CA mountains gave me a taste of the areas history. Big bore Hawken style rifle and a Pennsylvania style 36/40 cal for medium game. I have family in the Penn / Tenn area...
  3. dwarvenchef

    Good time to join the NMLRA!

    I love Muzzleblasts, I join the NMLRA every time I have the funds to renew. I’m currently working through a 3 year membership. I don’t build guns (can’t afford to), but I enjoy reading about it. I’d love to shoot competitively again but again I cannot afford to. I skip those articles because...
  4. dwarvenchef

    Period Photographers

    Anyone out there doing a persona as a photographer? They may have been around in the late period (I’m still researching it all) and know of a few wagons that went out with groups heading west. Curious if i could set up a site doing photography (I may end up cheating and using dry plate instead...
  5. dwarvenchef

    What’s Your Favorite Long Gun that You own.

    Sad to say, I’m broke so of the 3 BP long guns I have my T/C Hawken is my favorite. The other two are a .36 cap lock Investarms Kentuckian dated to the mid 70’s and a CVA Hawken in 50
  6. dwarvenchef

    Thompson Center Muzzleloaders Pros & Cons

    Put me in the “love em” camp. Got mine in the early 80’s, Hawken in 50. I’m thinking of re-barreling or sleeving the tube. The 10’s of pounds of powder run through it not to mention all the experiments done I’ve done with it. I burned out several nipples in the early days of my BP education and...
  7. dwarvenchef

    Thompson Center Hawken question

    I’d have looked at it mighty hard, not one you see very often and if in top shape I’d be in trouble with the missis
  8. dwarvenchef

    50 cal TC 1:48 twist reasonable accuracy?

    70gr 2f, .15 ticking, 490rb wonderlube, 70 yds cloverleaf T/C Hawken born in early 80’s. In the late 80’s I burnt about a pound a month out of that rifle on pigs, deer, and squirrels (evil beasts)… Her hay days. Now she sits in her case cursing me to get out more… The key here is to get used...
  9. dwarvenchef

    New from California

    Howdy from Southern California, and points around the country :p
  10. dwarvenchef

    Four Revolutionary War cannons found

    My browser blocks that site as problematic. Sounds fun though
  11. dwarvenchef

    What do you hunt with your traditional muzzleloader?

    Used to hunt pig 🐖 and deer 🦌 but now that SoCAL is under a no lead umbrella I have not been out much
  12. dwarvenchef

    Shootin' the breeze

    Guess I’ve been sheltered (literally) as I shoot in Oak Scrublands. Wind has not affected my shots with all the dense vegetation around. Well the piggies fall down when I do my part at least. Exposure to wind being directly effected by where you shoot, projectile speed, and weight. I shoot...
  13. dwarvenchef

    58 CVA Hawken

    I’m drooling for a .58 or .62 Hawken style rifle. The persona I’m researching is a North West hunter between the Fur trade and Gold Rush. That way I can cover two different events with minimal kit changes :p After shooting a T/C Big Boar in Alaska I have been addicted to the idea and abilities...
  14. dwarvenchef

    32 or 36 cal rifle ??

    I have an International Arms ”Kentuckian” in .36 and find it pleasant to shoot. I’m keeping an eye out for a .32 or .36 in flint from an area in Pennsylvania where an ancestor was a gunsmith in 1860, just for fun and giggles. Though there a few models of T/C’s I would jump on as well in a...
  15. dwarvenchef

    Please help me streamline my little collection...

    T/C gets my vote, but I’m a sucker for a nice t/c hawken 😤
  16. dwarvenchef

    Looks like I got a lot of reading to do!

    Doh need to order another book
  17. dwarvenchef

    Idenity of a TC hawken.

    Bought mine in 1982 #80xxx That poor thing has burned over 100lbs of powder since I bought it. Ive played with the idea of getting a new barrel but have yet to pull the trigger.
  18. dwarvenchef

    Powder horn or flask ?

    Horn myself, I will make my own soon.
  19. dwarvenchef

    Swedish 65-cal Combination Boarding Axe & Musket

    Oh 2 of my loves, hafted weapon and a boom stick 🥰
  20. dwarvenchef


    Anything going on in CA this year?