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  1. M

    Funny Stories about Muzzle Loaders that left you wondering.

    goode thin bg ihda to p;ee :haha:
  2. M

    Sandpaper a frizzen?

    If you are married, ask your wife for an old emery board for her fingernails, they work wonderful for polishing metal.
  3. M

    Flash in the pan while hunting

    I assume you are wiping the pan down with alcohol, perhaps some of the alcohol is getting into the flash hole and creating your problem.
  4. M

    Mr. Roundball - barrel ID

    Looks like this topic is over...
  5. M

    What's wrong with my lock ??????

    Sounds like the oil in the lock gummed up after being stored, degrease the lock and see if that frees up the action.
  6. M

    re soldering powder flask

    *TIP* Wash it out thoroughly and dry it first, make sure you get out all the powder residue before you apply heat to it, otherwise you could end up with a flash detonation of the remanding black powder dust inside the flask.
  7. M

    smelly lube

    I have an old T/C paste lube from back in the 1980's and it seperated with time, and it smells too. I just stirred it with a clean stick to remix it.
  8. M

    Hunting sight-in

    I agree, that's what I would do. :thumbsup:
  9. M

    Letting others shoot your rifles

    As long as I am right there with them and I am the one who loads it, I will let someone else shoot it.
  10. M

    .69 caliber musket balls

    I used a .678 roundball mold when I was casting for mine.
  11. M

    Need ID Help for recent find

    It looks to me like the cresent butt plate was added after market because it's not even (at least from what I can tell), I marked the area of where it looks like a step between the butt plate and the wood.
  12. M

    TC Flintlock is home!

    I cannot help but to wonder if T/C changed their return policy because of the current economical situation, I suspect their customer service representatives were told by their big-wigs to be more restrictive on returns than they have been in the past. Agreed that doesn't help you in your...
  13. M

    How about an ID?

    Its not loaded is it? I only ask because it was common to keep guns loaded in that era, word of it being loaded was sometimes overlooked as the gun was passed down throughout the generations.
  14. M

    Investarms .50 gone crazy???

    If you cannot get any JB bore shine, white toothpaste will work, it is a light abrasive that rinses clean with water.
  15. M


    Welcome to the forum young lady. :hatsoff:
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    Sore hand

    Measure some old blue jeans you have around the house and see if you find any with .015 thickness, denim makes a very good patch.
  17. M

    Sight blackening

  18. M

    Sight blackening

    Black magic marker, comes off with rubbing alcohol.
  19. M


    The T/C web site only shows a flintlock version of the Firestorm. http://www.tcarms.com/firearms/mzModernFlint.php