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  1. Murphinator

    Looking to get my first flintlock rifle

    I think some people are missing the point, that being spending that few "extra" hundred on the better rifle. I like what SmoothboreMurph says. The .45 T/C or the .45 Kentuckian are good starts. The .45 T/C Hawken (T/C is the abbrev. for Thompson Center) should have a 1:48" twist barrel meaning...
  2. Murphinator

    Looking into my first muzzleloader

    I think he meant to say you wont need more than those two. I also would air on the side of caution with a .40 caliber rifle. If you havent seen a .40 caliber roundball then you should look them up. They are quite small coming in at only 93 grains at .395" and 83 grains at .380". Most of your...
  3. Murphinator

    CLOSED Thread Closed

    Thread Closed
  4. Murphinator

    I figured I would post this here just to give a heads up to forum members

    Nice to know that problem is resolved. Ive been wanting to put a wanted ad in the firearms section for a .50 caliber rifle but was hesitant due to this man. Hopefully he got these from someone else in a card game and didnt steal them. Still shady to use false info. AZ Muzzleloaders firearms are...
  5. Murphinator

    Got some questions about my Underhammer

    Good to know thanks for sharing your experiences with the rifle. I was kinda worried .45 wasnt gonna be enough. All the people I hunt with were tellin me .50 cal was the smallest that could ethically knock down deer. But my state (Maryland) allows as low as a .40 caliber.
  6. Murphinator

    Got some questions about my Underhammer

    I recently picked up and 1853 Enfield (Original 1862) and a Hopkins and Allen Underhammer. The .577 Enfield is old and will most likely be expensive to shoot with and hunt with so I decided to try out the Underhammer. The H&A is a .45 caliber rifle with 2 barrels. One is 24" and one is 31", I...
  7. Murphinator

    Thompson Center PA Hunter questions

    Was the Penn Hunter one of Thompson Center's highest dollar rifles ? I know there was the Cherokee and Seneca and then the Reneagde. There was the smoothbore .56 cal and the 12 ga New Englander and this Penn Hunter (I think I saw a carbine on this forum before as well).
  8. Murphinator

    Thompson Center PA Hunter questions

    Thank you for the reply. I was actually gonna add to my reply wonderin if the geometry meant its angle of striking the frizzen but thought it sounded stupid lol. I guess I was partially on to something. Definitenly will ask how flexible the price is.
  9. Murphinator

    Thompson Center PA Hunter questions

    I assume $500~$600 is a good price for the rifle then ? Also when you say geometry do you mean lock is slow per say ?
  10. Murphinator

    Thompson Center PA Hunter questions

    Hey all, recently an old farmer whose equipment I maintain asked if I wanted to buy some of his collection as he was thinning his heard. I bought a nice Underhammer .45 cal and an original 1862 Tower Enfield Rifle. Today he asked me if I wanted to buy his Thompson Center Pennsylvania Hunter. It...
  11. Murphinator

    Rear sight on a smoothbore

    I have an 1809 3rd Model Bess which I hardly ever fire on account of its age and the Pedersoli I got just doesnt feel the same once you have fired an original. The Pedersoli also just doesnt fit. The TFC you mention does that mean Tulle Fusíl de Chasse ?
  12. Murphinator

    Rear sight on a smoothbore

    I think one of my largest problems is that the Brown Bess just doesnt fit me well or just doesnt hold well to me. My friend has a Veterans Arms Fusil de Chasse and I can hit the his 8"×12" target at 50 yards with the rear sight he installed. That is why im thinking that I need either a rear...
  13. Murphinator

    Rear sight on a smoothbore

    Yea for example out of the 3 ml's i kept out of the lot one of them is an H&A .45 Underhammer with a 24" barrel. I can cosistently hit a paper dinner plate out to 80 yards with a consistent 3" group (needs improvement) but not bad for only practicing for 3 weeks about 3 days a week. However I...
  14. Murphinator

    Rear sight on a smoothbore

    Yea I definitely need one lol, i cant hit squat. Also the Bess I bought in the lot of Muzzleloaders wasnt well taken care of as the musket has loads of rust all over it and all around the touchhole and lock. The satin barrel is also too shiny for hunting imo. A nice fowler would do me fine. The...
  15. Murphinator

    Rear sight on a smoothbore

    Who/What is Hoyt ? If you dont mind me asking I am not familiar with most notable community members or manufacturers.
  16. Murphinator

    Rear sight on a smoothbore

    Yea but it stops at .58 caliber, I would like a .62 caliber.
  17. Murphinator

    Rear sight on a smoothbore

    I hope I dont ruffle any feathers by asking this but are any smoothbores specifically flintlocks produced with a rear sight ? I recently got a Pedersoli Brown Bess that was in somewhat poor condition in a lot of muzzleloaders that I bought from a deceased neighbors wife. I cant seem to hit the...
  18. Murphinator

    Need some wisdom

    Recently I went to a range to shoot my newly bought (used) Pedersoli Mortimer Flintlock rifle. I got it in a batch of muzzleloaders bought from a neighbor for only $1,500 for all 6 I purchased I might add. Anyway there was an older shooter that set up to the bench next to me and pulled out a...
  19. Murphinator

    Questions on the Kibler Colonial

    I am ready to get my first flintlock rifle, after many months of footing around and after many PM's from forum members I have finally decided to settle on a Kibler Rifle. Firstly, I have never put together a kit rifle before I have never even owned a muzzleloader lol. That being said I have been...
  20. Murphinator

    Looking to start out with a Percussion rifle

    I am trying to decide between a P53 or a Whitworth. I will most likely go for an original P53 and a repro whitworth lol. I want a flintlock but the percussion rifles are just so much more plentiful.