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  1. RC

    NYSMLA spring shoot

  2. RC

    Nys muzzleloader shoot 5/28

    gotta go! woodswalk!
  3. RC

    anyone have idea what kind this is

    great idea,,, thanks! sorta looks like a tow kentucky but its a 54,, but least i can see a trigger guard,, now nose cap,, we may go without,, the start is a mess,, hole drilled in lockplate went halfway thru frizzen spring, back screw hole you can see plate threads from top,, an breech/trigger...
  4. RC

    anyone have idea what kind this is

    on the barrel just says 54 cal. and its a siler lock..
  5. RC

    anyone have idea what kind this is

    a kit handgun I acquire, already started ..sadly,, not all parts but a deal,, anyone know what kind of kit this is thanks!
  6. RC

    Eastern Primative Rendevous

    it's on fer sure! everything about ready...its in milan pa. so ny don't apply.... ya know n.y. the unconstitutional state..so far
  7. RC

    Touch hole picks

  8. RC

    Using car wax as a preservative

    shoe polish... for some reason works way better than any car wax i've tried.. johnson's liquid floor wax worked the best but can't get it anymore the cream not so much imo
  9. RC

    GOEX sold?

    so basically hodgdons selling the goex name an "formula" ? guess we'll have to wait an see who/if it was bought an their plans.. dang
  10. RC

    GOEX sold?

    IMO.. there's more to this than we'll ever know, why, if you planned on selling a company why would you shut it down first.. ??? the workers would all try to get new jobs and seems to me experienced workers at goex would be a good thing,,,an they kept the products that prolly makes them money...
  11. RC

    New York MuzzleLoaders

  12. RC

    Centermark smooth flintlock replacement?

    he bought a davis colonial lock, it was a lil bigger but the frizzen fit an it sparks real good! plains on using lock on gun he's building so it worked out well.. i asked about spring fits but no reply yet.. thankyou all another happy smoothie shooter..
  13. RC

    Centermark smooth flintlock replacement?

    Thanks All! he ordered a lock from track that according to pics looks right we'll see when it gets here! Colonial by RE Davis thanks!!
  14. RC

    Centermark smooth flintlock replacement?

    thank you.. not my lock friend jus bought a like new smoothie an trouble with frizzen sparking an breaking flints.. tried hardening with kasenite but still not right.. looking for spare parts or replacement lock..i'll have him ck with davis maybe track has pic thank you!
  15. RC

    Centermark smooth flintlock replacement?

    built it with siler? or replaced with siler?
  16. RC

    Centermark smooth flintlock replacement?

    anyone happen to know of an available replacement lock that fits a centermark smoothie? seems parts unavailable now... thanks!
  17. RC

    SOLD 54 cal. Great plains custom.

    very interested! pleeze let me know..
  18. RC

    ? The Original New England Rendezvous??

    one event,fort #4... new management..