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    Patch thickness measure

    When my oldest boy went to General Motors Institute he came home for the first break and said he needed a new computer since all of the other students had newer ones than his. I told him different people would be ahead in different areas, I asked him : "how many of the others could read mic's...
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    Patch thickness measure

    I measure my patching material with a firm tightening of a micrometer. Firm, not "C" clamp tight.
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    Something small

    The seneca and cherokee were both available in 45 caliber. Expect to pay upwards of $400 for one in good condition.
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    Rear sight notches on original rifles

    The ones that I have seen were simply a "V" notch filed in. But I have no way of knowing if that was origonal or done later by some one for their own use.
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    Got tge itch

    Flinch is something you either have or can conquar.
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    Help with cast bullet sizing

    I make my own as I am a retired tool and die maker.
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    REALLY DIRTY bore!!!

    I use the old stand by hydrogen peroxxide/murphy's oil soap/ alcohol mixture to clean crudded barrels. Plug and let set for a few hours, dump out and repeat a few times followed by either lapping or schotch brite.
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    Very interesting .
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    Darkening/Dulling Brass

    To give a quick coloration to brass I use a cold blueing paste. To just prevent the glare on a hunting rifle I just coat it heavily with a dark wax. It not only stops the glare but protects the finish and the wood around it and can be buffed off if desired.
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    Ramrod Finish

    I give them an initial coat of BLO then a heavy paste wax final coat.
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    Is this blank worth using?

    I have had good luck on figured wood using a "sure form" hand plane it is really just a "cheese grater" style tool. It takes off very light cuts and they are spred out rather than one long shaving. Also a good metal file will work to smooth the wood you will need a file card to keep it clean...
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    Looking for a wad punch for 10ga

    When I make punches for both rifle and smoothbores I make them to throw a wad about .025 to .030 over bore size. I have made over one hundred punches over the years for people and not had a complaint yet!
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    Snapped sear spring

    No the springs do not need heat treating. They are already "half hard" and hold up well . I have some that I made over thirty years ago that still work fine. It is a learning experience to form them , but the straps are free so a little waste doesn't cost you any more than your time.
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    What should I get, and realistic expectations?

    I shoot paper shot cartridges made from three thickness of newspaper, they give a tighter pattern than loose loads, I use two thin leather over powder wads which load fairly easily in my choked barrel. The thin leather wads go through the choke easier than felt wads.
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    What powder is better?

    Which is better ? A ford escort or mercury cougor made in the same plant with the same parts just different name. Gaffs and schueltzen are the same powder just different cans. My daughter wrecked her escort and I fixed it with the front end of a mercury cougar. She told me it would not work. I...
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    Round ball and patch / patch recovery

    If you live in an area with snow on the ground it makes finding patches really easy.In fact if the snow is deep enough you can recover what you shoot as well. A few years back the son of the woman I am care taker for was looking for arrow points in the no till corn field and found a mini ball he...
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    What is the cleanest burning black powder?

    I have shot many brands of real black powder. It is my personal opinion ( and worth what you paid for it) that the cleanest burning with out question is Swiss, followed by KiK (no longer made), Goex Old Enford, regular Goex (soon to be made again), Schultzun also sold under Gaff's house...
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    I find them not only basicly equal in quality(If not cosmetic finish), But even many parts will interchange they are that close to the same.
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    New to black powder. Looking for accessories or necessities

    I get anything I buy from either Dixie gun works or track of the wolf. But almost all of my "items "are self made I buy only powder and caps. When I first started I bought all kinds of "junk" . What I actually use is Balls (ten thousands under bore size", patches (.O15 thick, or .010 depending...
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    lock lubrication

    For locks I prefer the old time premium oil : "Sperm Whale Oil" NASA even used it to lubricate the bearings in the Hubble telescope. While you can't buy the real stuff anymore unless it is documented to be "pre 1968" Dixie sells a synthetic made from jobolo beans that is quite effective.I have...