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  1. Snydly

    Kibler vs. TVM.

    The ramrod tubes are not installed... They were just lying there to show where the crack was in relation to the barrel! The pins had not even been attempted yet! Maybe you should get your arrogant head our of your butt! It is pretty obvious many people have a bloated opinion of themselves This...
  2. Snydly

    Kibler vs. TVM.

    How could it be from assembly....? I never got around to assembling it at that time because it was cracked sir. The ramrod pipe is just there for people to see where this was at. This was the way it came,,
  3. Snydly

    Kibler vs. TVM.

    So .. you seem to be calling me a liar. Well I am not. If you look at some of my other posts you will see the picture of the crack in the stock and the exact quote that I got concerning the glueing of the wood. You would be better served if you were to get your facts straight before you make a...
  4. Snydly

    Kibler vs. TVM.

    Just for the record I am not slamming Jim Kibler or Kibler rifles. Just trying to set the record straight. I did glue it back together as I was instructed. I did work and I am about 50% finished putting it together. I still think Kibler puts out a quality kit and my experience is not the norm.
  5. Snydly

    Kibler vs. TVM.

    It was from Kibler Rifles... You can try to clamp the stock with the barrel in place and use a piece of paper to apply wood glue into the crack. Then let it dry and it should be fine after that!
  6. Snydly

    Kibler vs. TVM.

    I have the e-mail to back up my claim sir. You can try to clamp the stock with the barrel in place and use a piece of paper to apply wood glue into the crack. Then let it dry and it should be fine after that! This is from the e-mail.
  7. Snydly

    Kibler vs. TVM.

    Just an FYI.. my Kibler SMR came with a crack in the stock at the end of the barrel channel. Took about 3 seconds to turn into a giant crack... Reported it.. told to just glue it together. My TVM is a work of art.
  8. Snydly

    Dixi Gun Works Disappoints.

    I must be one of the lucky ones... All of my experiences with Dixie have been very good. Everything I have ordered came in exactly as ordered... new and in great shape. A few years back I ordered a trade rifle and it was in fantastic shape. Recent orders have been on time and in new shape. Still...
  9. Snydly

    That Evil Ember

    Having a differing opinion from someone is great. You may disagree with someone about just about anything but when you stoop to calling someone an "idiot"... that is completely uncalled for. It really reflects on what type of person you are .... leave the slurs unsaid!
  10. Snydly

    HELP Shotgun Choices??

    I currently have 2 Pedersoli ML shotguns. One is a 20 ga sxs that I am going to see when I get around to getting it checked out. The other is a Pedersoli 12 ga SXS that I am currently patterning. Love them both. The 20 I have had for about 10 years and the 12 for about 2 months now. Can't say...
  11. Snydly

    SM SMR Built & Shot

    Kudos for getting it together and shooting. Just disregard the rude people.
  12. Snydly

    Fast follow up shot for a single shot pistol or rifle?

    Won't get any more shots after losing your ramrod.... accurately .
  13. Snydly

    Perc. To flint

    Have done it twice. Called Dixie Gunworkds, Told them what I wanted to do. They asked what rifle I had, told them it was a Pedersoli Blue Ridge rifle in 54 cal. They told me exactly what I needed and told me there would not be any alterations necessary. Removed the lock, removed the drum and...
  14. Snydly

    Cracked Stock Repair

    "We use titebond or Stickfast CA glue". This is a direct quote from Jim Kibler in a reply to me on the best glue for the job
  15. Snydly

    Cracked Stock Repair

    If it works for them,, and they are happy. that is the bottom line for all of us. Does it work and am I happy with it.
  16. Snydly

    To tack or not to tack, that is the question…

    as BP is not readily available in SW Idaho. I'm betting they have the internet and shipping services in Idaho. I live in N E Wyoming and even here you can get black powder shipped right to my door.
  17. Snydly

    Accuracy Help

    Just make sure you only change one thing at a time. whether it be the patch, the amount of powder, whatever. 1 at a time.
  18. Snydly


    When you are done cleaning your muzzleloader and it is spick and span....Put some flitz on a patch and run it down the barrel. You will be surprised at the crud that is still in there.
  19. Snydly

    Need some input on a matter

    Seen too many new black powder shooters get started with their new flintlock muzzleloader and give it up because flintlocks are a bit finicky compared to a percussion. Probably get flamed of that statement,,, but it's true. Breaks may heart when I see a new shooter having problems with his...