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    Does anyone make a .487" mold

    Gentlemen, thank you for the response. I'll get to check this out. Thank you
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    Does anyone make a .487" mold

    Does someone make a mold .487" or so. I use Lyman and Lee mold at .490" and they measure out of the mold at .493-.495". All pure lead. Thanks
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    What is your favorite wax for your stock?

    I used to use Johnson Paste Wax for years till they changed it. Now it's near useless. The old was the best release for fiberglass. I have a wood shop that I waxed the machines once a year and no rust whatever. David
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    Strange Day for Me in the Woods.

    What a story. I had the exact same thing happen to me 30 years ago. I haven't killed another animal since. I shoot, own my fair share of guns and love everyone and they are going nowhere. But just for paper from now on. David
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    Brown cleaning patch

    Gentlemen, RIG it.
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    New guy, Old guy

    Hello from NE Ohio. Some of the people we meet on this journey are amazing. I have found the ones involved in this are especially wonderful. The first time I fired a flintlock I flinched so bad I was embarrassed for a week. On a woods walk with a local club, a gentleman said, "Here try mine". I...
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    New member from Ohio

    Welcome from the NE Ohio area. David
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    SOLD Invest arms 150 carbine .54 cal

    This is a 54? Thanks, David
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    FOR SALE Special RCBS mold Webley .455

    Gentlemen I have a mold I bought years ago thinking I would build a rifle to shoot it, now it don't look like I will get to it. I have never cast with this mold but it is used I believe. Price $80 shipped to USA. David New information on the mold. I found the instructions on this mold that...
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    So I wonder now if I'll ever get it 'clean' :) Spot check of barrel, patches look rough

    I watched a lot of videos cleaning and using Balistol. I liked what I saw so tried it. After a few days after cleaning with Balistol I ran a patch down the barrel and about fell over with the brown crud on the patch. I vowed to "never do that again. I have used RIG for maybe 50 some years and...
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    Zoning board tries to screw guntuber duelist1954: Needs help to fight them

    Can you post the address of the go fund me? This gets to me for my own reason. David
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    Pictures of my restored 45cal TC Hawken.

    Really nice work, congratulations on a fine job. David
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    Building ME a NW Trade Gun ! :)

    Sounds like a real project, will be looking forward to reading. Love the bench and vice. David
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    Greeting from Ohio

    I live in Jefferson. Denmark is still there. David
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    Hello from Ohio

    Welcome from the NE corner. David
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    How old are ya?

    80 here and shooting all my life but just 25 years black powder. David
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    Shooting percussion and flintlock pistols against ol' BigFoot Fun.....

    Always love the videos. Keep up the great work. David
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    Patch thickness measure

    Gentlemen, I'm a little confused about how to measure patch material. I bought some pillow ticking several years ago and measured it at the time after washing it. It measured .018". It worked great with what I had at the time. Now I got some more of the same, plus some of other I've picked up...
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    Hello from Ohio

    Welcome from NE Ohio. Glad to have ya. David
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    WITHDRAWN Coning Tool - 50 cal. FOUND ONE

    Hi Joe, Was a little under the weather last couple days but did you get the package OK? Thanks, David