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    Long time flinter who also enjoys percussions

    Welcome from Illinois
  2. P

    New form Northern Illinois

    Also in 1981 bought my 1st lever gun there at K-Mart (I know dirty word here) model 336 30/30 $129.00 & a model 60 auto 22 cal $60.00. Wished I could afford more back then, bringing big money now.
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    New form Northern Illinois

    Thank you all for the warm welcome.
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    New form Northern Illinois

    Thank you
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    New form Northern Illinois

    Been lurking for over a year, a lot of information on this Web site. Bought my 1st kit ML pistol in 1981 from K-Mart for 29 $. Since than I picked up a Rem 1858 pistol, & several Damascus double barrel hammer cartridge shotguns & 1 ML made in 1860 English double barrel shotgun ( I'am into...