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    Do you aim or point and shoot instinctively?

    (Off topic a bit) And it even works for swords. I apply this technique to fencing weapons …. close my eyes and extend the arm. The blade should be in line with my arm. If not, adjust the grip angle until it is.
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    Getting the Walker tuned up

    Could be. Reamers typically work the sides, not so much the ends. I took a cast of that hole to get the cone profile and have also noticed the small small flat around the perimeter you mentioned. Ive accidentally created such flats on drilled holes in the past by overdriving the reamer into the...
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    Getting the Walker tuned up

    My Walker also has this “angled floor”. It appears to be the same angle as the nose of a standard jobber drill bit, which is probably what was used to make that hole in the first place (nothing fancy, that's for sure). I never felt comfortable with a shim that only made perimeter contact, so my...
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    Getting the Walker tuned up

    My Walker arbor bore also has that "angled floor". It appears to be the same angle as the nose of a standard jobber drill bit, which is probably what was use to make the hole in the first place. Nothing fancy, that's for sure. I never felt comfortable with shims that only had edge/perimeter...
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    Homemade Nipple Wrench

    I’ve bought and made a few nipple wrenches for my revolvers, and found that the fingers can widen apart, eventually to the point where the wrench no longer works. My solution was to press on a small steel sleeve (ring) to keep the fingers from spreading. Works like a champ.
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    Is there a way to postpone cleaning a ml?

    Here’s a hip-shot thought … rust requires oxygen to form, right? So what would happen if you put your guns in a sealed container and replaced the air inside with, say nitrogen (or argon, or any other inert gas used at welding shops)?
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    Colt Dragoon Light Hammer Strike?

    I have a dragoon that has similar characteristics. But it had one cylinder that often misfired. Turns out the nipple pocket in that cylinder had been milled a few thousandths too deep and the hammer wasn’t striking that nipple properly. After adding a precision spacer under that nipple, all six...
  8. B

    Colt Dragoon Light Hammer Strike?

    It might be worth pulling the cylinder and checking the overall distance from each nipple to the front of the cylinder with a micrometer. Especially if the same one or two cylinders keep misfiring. With modern CNC machining I would expect them all to measure the same, but I’ve seen a few exceptions.
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    #11 caps at Bass Pro

    Bass Pro has #11 CCI caps again. Just bought a bunch. Out here in CA they're running about $13 for a tin of 100. I had heard CCI was going to start making them again in June so I guess the stories are true.
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    THANKS for letting me in

    Welcome, from the hippie-dippy West Coast!
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    Lathe Chuck Advice Requested

    I run Buck chucks and Bison chucks on my lathes. Got most of them from EBay. Good chucks are never going to be cheap, so be prepared for a little sticker shock. As JHB said, self-centering for round stuff and 4-jaw independent for odd shaped work. My machines are for metalwork and are...
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    The Evil Dremel.

    I’ve used various Dremels seemingly forever. Excellent for freehand rough cuts and grinding but I need to put it in a rigid fixture (lathe, mill, possibly drill press) for any precision work. And even then, I have to place it in the same class as the little Atlas 101 lathe … the bearings are not...
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    Loading press

    One of these ...
  14. B

    Loading press

    Yes indeed. And to compound the blasphemy, I might even use it as a leather press as well …oh, the horror! 😁
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    Loading press

    This would be similar … need to swap some simple bits & pieces when loading one type of cylinder or another. The leather press is a good chunk of steel (probably close to 10lbs), overkill in my opinion, but I reckon I can use it for more than just loading BP guns.
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    Loading press

    Revolver loading stations. I’ve seen them advertised online. Thought about making my own just for fun, but then I stumbled upon a little benchtop press (online) used for leather embossing. With a minor change of tooling this thing seems ideal. Anyone else use something like that?
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    Have you ever considered the cost of doing business

    Customers can be a fickle bunch. And probably even more so with something as niche as M/L. It's bad enough with cars, motorcycles, and bicycles, so I doubt I'd ever want to shell out the cost to start a M/L biz. I digress and ramble a little .... Back in the '70's I got one of those CVA...
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    Number 11 cap shortage?

    Just got a heap of #11 Remingtons at Bass Pro yesterday. They weren’t there last week so they must have just been delivered.
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    Walker or Dragoon ?

    I have a Walker and a 3rd Dragoon, both Uberti. Love ‘em both! I tend to favor the Dragoon (only slightly) because I find it easier to lug around in a holster. I disassembled both upon receiving and took a file to all the unfinished sharp edges, and smoothed the rough-finished machined...
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    Cylinder Indexing

    I finally got around to making a range rod and ran it down the barrel. Also made hollow brass slugs for each of the cylinders. The range rod fits the barrel perfectly, and steps down to the ID of the brass slugs for the last 0.25” or so. The rod feeds through the barrel and seats into the...