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    FOR SALE For Sale Irish style shot pouch head

    I believe it does go to 1 3/4. Tell me about the barrel.
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    SOLD P Bondini Under Hammer .36 cal.

    Consider it sold. Contact me with details.
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    SOLD P Bondini Under Hammer .36 cal.

    What is the condition of the bore?
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    Advertised case hardening on BP revolvers

    If you want to know just about everything about color casehardening go to the marlin owners forum. There used to be an extremely long detailed thread about the subject. There was some fantastic photos. Maybe it is still there.…hope so. it‘s marlin collectors forum. there is some stuff about...
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    Lock tumbler

    Pitch refers to the number of threads per inch.
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    FOR SALE For Sale Irish style shot pouch head

    This head is in perfect condition. Bag has been cut off. $ 65.00 and I’ll pay shipping.
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    FOR SALE For Sale English style shot pouch

    the thread about shot pouch heads prompted me to dig out a couple of items someone may be interested in. The bag is in good shape. It is suede leather. The head works fine but the spring is missing. Probably an easy fix. Let’s try $75.00 and I’ll pay shipping.
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    How do you eat them

    Ok, here’s how I do it. Two strips of bacon, two jumbo eggs over easy salted and drenched with Tabasco sauce, and of course the grits. After the solid part of the eggs are gone mix the liquid with the grits. Right now I’m also having cherry tomatoes from the garden.
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    What is your method to combat offhand wobble?

    A friend, long gone, was the best pistol shot I’ve ever seen. He hunted squirrels with a High Standard target pistol. Always head shots. I asked him how he did it. He said just pull off as you jiggle by. Worked for him..
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    SOLD For sale Allen box lock with barrel

    I’m still alive just waiting for the check to arrive.
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    SOLD For sale Allen box lock with barrel

    I don’t have the necessary tools to completely tighten the barrel. I clamped the barrel in a vise with soft jaws and was able to turn the action to within a half round. There are witness marks to show barrel alignment.. I believe it will tighten up correctly..
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    SOLD For sale Allen box lock with barrel

    Not sure. I can get out to the shop tomorrow and see if I can tighten it up.
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    SOLD For sale Allen box lock with barrel

    Whoops! Left out the most important thing. It’s hard to get an accurate measurement with calipers on a barrel with an odd number of grooves but it is .58 Caliber.
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    SOLD For sale Allen box lock with barrel

    Here is an Allen box lock action that has some cleaning up of the cast surface. The barrel is 32 inches long, is 1 1/8 inches at the rear and just under 1 inch at the muzzle. The octagonal section is 8 inches long. The barrel has relatively fast deep 7 groove rifling ( SWAG 45 to 50 twist ). The...
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    Beans and rice

    For Caribbean style cook the rice in coconut milk. Be sure to buy the non sweet type. Throw in a few allspice berries and a bit of hot pepper and onion.
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    How often do you replace the nipple ?

    i used a jewelers torch that uses oxygen and Mapp gas. Might could be done with Mapp gas with a needle flame..
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    How often do you replace the nipple ?

    I was an industrial process control instrument tech before retirement. We used some instruments that had platinum filaments. As these units were replaced I got the filaments. I take one of these filaments and melt it into a ball which is about one eighth of an inch in diameter. The hole in the...
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    How often do you replace the nipple ?

    I make platinum lined nipples for my Whitworth and Gibbs rifles. The small piece of platinum is silver soldered into a cavity drilled into the nipple. Never had one fail.
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    My Homemade Wads

    The best media to use for punching wads is lead melted into a shallow pan. When it gets too rough to suit you a couple of minutes with a propane torch gives you a new surface. It’s a good use of the too hard lead alloy we all have.
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    It is perfectly ok to flinch as long as you flinch exactly the same every time.