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  1. thomasgunn

    1863 Shiloh Sharps Model 100 Rifle

    I'd be very interested in seeing more detailed photos, specifically the barrel roll marks and receiver markings.
  2. thomasgunn

    SOLD Fringed Elk Skin bag

    I'll take it! PM to follow.
  3. thomasgunn

    Walker reproduction?

    I've been shooting a Armi San Marco Walker for about 48 years, put LOTS of rounds through her. Great gun, other than replacing a hand spring and cylinder stop (bolt) over the years {parts that will wear out on any much used Colt style single action revolver), still one of my favorite shooters.
  4. thomasgunn

    Pedersoli trade gun kit questions

    I'm starting my second Pedersoli Trade Gun build. The kit does come fully assembled, no need to drill the barrel pins. Patience is your most important tool. You don't need the Dremel. I cannot stress enough to do your homework and study original Indian Trade guns before starting. There are many...
  5. thomasgunn

    Rescued a Duck{foot}

    Classic Arms Duckfoot-
  6. thomasgunn

    Gray finish with phosphoric acid ??

    Look up my Pedersoli Trade Gun build post (#16), I describe how I came to the beautiful pewter finish (by accident). Would look good on your Walker build.
  7. thomasgunn

    Walker or Dragoon ?

    Yes. The .451 tends to loosen under heavy recoil from my experience.
  8. thomasgunn

    Walker or Dragoon ?

    If it helps any, I could hit a 16" steel gong 4 out of 6 times with my first Walker, at 165 yards, using the Weaver stance. Never had a problem with the heavy loads, even as a skinny 6'2" 135 pound teen ager (many years ago!).
  9. thomasgunn

    Walker or Dragoon ?

    Due to less weight hanging out front, the Dragoon does. Nothing like the "extension of the arm" pleasantries the 1860 or 1851 Colts offer. But the Walker is just So. Much. More. Fun. I bought my first ASM Walker nearly fifty years ago and still shoot it. And it's still fun! I own a number of cap...
  10. thomasgunn

    Walker or Dragoon ?

    Comparison: Colt Walker, top, Uberti 1st Model Dragoon, bottom. Note difference In barrel and cylinder length and lack of rammer latch on the Walker.
  11. thomasgunn

    Walker or Dragoon ?

    Pros vs. cons- The Walker is very big: 4.9 pounds,15.5 inches long and a full cylinder will hold nearly 350 grains of powder. The loading lever will occasionally drop with heavy loads. Dragoon is big, 4.2 pounds, 13.5 inches, full cylinder holds 300 grains. No cons with either, in my book!
  12. thomasgunn

    Walker or Dragoon ?

    I have three Walkers, two ASM and a Colt Black Powder Series. And one Uberti First Model Dragoon. Walker all the way. The Uberti Walkers are excellent.
  13. thomasgunn

    Chief’s Grade Indian Trade Gun

    Indeed! I traded an unwanted unmentionable I had $300 in for the Chief's gun, which included a beautiful fringed elk hide rifle sheath case, too. There's gems everywhere...........you just gotta look a bit.
  14. thomasgunn

    What size ball?

    I also own an older ASM '60, the .457 should work fine. The only real way to know is to try it.
  15. thomasgunn

    cast iron and glass

    It's a stove not a Ming Dynasty vase, use the cast iron. The wife and I both cook. Many years of experience with the glass top (we don't like them), it came with a house we bought. If you use it, it WILL get scratched....eventually. And Mr. Clean Magic Erasers are your best friend for cleaning...
  16. thomasgunn

    The Best Muzzleloading Movies

    I lived a large part of my life in La Veta and still own a home there (summer there during the warmer months). Parts of a few movies have been filmed close by, “Conagher”with Sam Elliot, “Wind in the Wire”with Randy Travis , “Flashback” with Dennis Hopper (got to spend a few hours [between...
  17. thomasgunn

    Buying just a frame.

    They show up on eBay fairly often.
  18. thomasgunn

    The Best Muzzleloading Movies

    While I wasn't at the Old LaVeta Pass shindig, I did get to spend a few minutes chatting with Mr. Heston when he had lunch at The Covered Wagon restaurant in LV. Because of the screen blowing down during the attempted premiere of The Mountain Men during the rendezvous, it was moved to the Trail...
  19. thomasgunn

    1863 Shiloh Sharps Model 100 Rifle

    Phil Coffins, Dig some digging and see that Moose Moulds makes a .54 Shiloh style barrel slug mold (they call it the 'Trashcan') with both a flat or ringtail base. Check out their website. Excellent.
  20. thomasgunn

    1863 Shiloh Sharps Model 100 Rifle

    Here’s the cover. This is the ‘63 from the auction. The one I have that belonged to him is a cartridge Gemmer. Great book, by the way.