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  1. simonbeans

    What Muzzleloading Stuff Did You Do Today?

    Thanks for the compliment on the patch cutting idea. I can NOT take credit for it however. One of my “Girty” brothers who worked at a gravel pit here in WNY came up with this method. He apparently had access to many large ball bearings that were used in crushing machines. Sadly, Al “He Who Kicks...
  2. simonbeans

    New Cocked hat with ribbon

    Scarlet Pimpernel
  3. simonbeans

    What Muzzleloading Stuff Did You Do Today?

    I needed to cut some patches today. Here is how I do it. Bought 1 yd .014 cotton ticking at JC Penney. It is 60” wide. I use a 1 1/4” iron pipe nipple (6” long from Lowe’s) and a 2” steel ball Amazon). After folding a 2” wide strip of the cloth so that the strip is 8 layers thick, it is layed...
  4. simonbeans

    SOLD Leather Belt Pouch REDUCED

    I reduced the asking price.
  5. simonbeans

    SOLD Leather Belt Pouch REDUCED

    Completed this afternoon is another little belt pouch. I call this one “Morning Sun Rise” as I tooled a simplified sun with rays. It is made of 3 oz veg tanned cowhide. The dimensions can be seen on the images. Hand sewn with waxed linen thread. Small buckle is brass. I am asking $35 (NOPE NOW...
  6. simonbeans

    Charleville repro Miroku vs. Pedersoli reputation

    Try doing a search here as there have been many threads on the Miroku Charleville musket.
  7. simonbeans


    And squeeeeeeze the trigger. Let the rife surprise you when it goes off
  8. simonbeans

    SOLD FOR SALE: Leather Belt Pouch

    Just completed is this little belt pouch. Made of 3 oz veg tanned cowhide, the pouch itself measures 5.5” X 3” X 0.625” internally. Overall it is 6.5“ X 3.25”. The small buckle is brass. The pouch was hand sewn with waxed linen thread. The belt loops can accommodate up to 2.25” belt. I like...
  9. simonbeans

    Sex in Muzzle Loading Terminology?

    In 1986 the Simon Girtys were participants at Albany, NY’s Tricentennial. One of the events was a group shoot. My late wife was shooting her little .45 flint rifle and hitting quite well. After a few rounds, her gun started to just flash and refused to fire. She realized the touch hole was...
  10. simonbeans

    Simon Girty Long Rifles of WNY

    Are you “3-HANDS” grandchild? That was his Girty name. (I bet his baptismal name was Art). He was a dear friend for many years. A big man in stature and heart. We think of him often. We shot, camped, drank, laughed and cried as brothers and sisters. That is who the Girtys are.
  11. simonbeans

    Anyone have photos of finished Colonials with barrel and lock left in the white?

    Same process as my colonial above. My Woodsrunner, 2 months since completion. Left in the white with a bit of “aging”. Again, shot, cleaned, handled.
  12. simonbeans

    Anyone have photos of finished Colonials with barrel and lock left in the white?

    I assembled my colonial and my buddy carved and finished it. The barrel was “aged” in the white as well as the lock. I am not sure how he does it, I think he lightly browns and then rubs it back to white. My rifle is 3 years old and is shot, cleaned and handled frequently.
  13. simonbeans

    Vent pick- just how small?

    RANCOCAS wrote: I just use a common paper clip. I straightened out one end. The other end I bent into a loop for a hand hold. I tied it to my shot bag on a thin, short, waxed cord. It hangs beside my powder measure. I agree. The common paper clip (Jumbo size) works fine for me. You can...
  14. simonbeans

    British knowledge info needed

    These two symbols were used by the British to mark government property. I belong to a British aligned unit of the Rev War period and would like to put this symbol on a horn I am making. Which would be the most proper for the 1770-1780 time period? The first one came from an image of a horn...
  15. simonbeans

    What Muzzleloading Stuff Did You Do Today?

    I have made enough short starters and turn screws for a while so I tried something new. I have a few pieces of horn so with some Crazy Crow flats and cylinders I fashioned these. I am sure one could suffice as a priming “horn” and the others as salt horns.
  16. simonbeans

    How hard is it to fit RPL lock?

    In the early 1970s, with the help of a gun collector/builder from Wilson, NY I built my first rifle from a blank. It started out with a CVA Maslin Percussion lock (seems my mentor was not big with flints). In 1976, flintlocks became my obsession and continues to today. I put in the Flint version...
  17. simonbeans


    Added to this set: To enhance this pair of bag tools, I have included in the sale a linen bag to hold them or whatever. It has a hemp cord tie. Shipped to you, the starter, the turn screw and a natural linen bag, $34.
  18. simonbeans

    My Traditions Trapper Pistol Kit Build Log

    ERIC wrote: Are you going to define your lock panels? Narrow and thin looks the best, Traditions kits leave a ton of extra wood around the lock. This is an idea that I would do:
  19. simonbeans


    I have been making the PC Short starters for a few years. They are great. Recently I started making some turn screws. I am offering this set of a 3/8" brass rod starter with a shooting bag sized turn screw. The blade of the turn screw is 1/8" X 1/4" key stock. (The exact composition of the...
  20. simonbeans

    Simon Girty Long Rifles of WNY

    Once upon a time, the SIMON GIRTY LONG RIFLES were a group of 25+ strong in WNY. We originated from BAR and NSSA members in 1978. Today, however, our numbers have declined due mainly to getting OLD. But, never the less, we gather 6 times per year for social and shooting fun. Recently we held our...