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  1. Stykbow

    finished the Cherry stocked flint lock

    Thats one fine looking rifle.
  2. Stykbow

    Thinking I am going to thumbtack this one!

    I’ve read Notchybobs post a couple of times now. While I agree that it mentions the flintlock I can’t find a single pic of Heston holding anything other than a percussion rifle. I think I need to watch the movie again.😉
  3. Stykbow

    Thinking I am going to thumbtack this one!

    Ok movie buffs, why does every pic I can find of Bill Tyler’s rifle show a percussion gun, but waarp8nt’s pic from the NRA museum show a flintlock?
  4. Stykbow

    No jokes?

  5. Stykbow

    No jokes?

  6. Stykbow

    No jokes?

  7. Stykbow

    No jokes?

    @smokeum54 my wife has a habit of announcing “dishwasher’s loaded” when she shuts the dishwasher door. Without pause I always say, “been in there drinking again huh”. I think it’s hilarious and she’s nice enough to still giggle about it after all these years.
  8. Stykbow

    English Fowler

    She’s a beaut, Clark!
  9. Stykbow

    How many years Muzzleloading experience?

    32 years, I think…
  10. Stykbow

    Staining walnut

    I opted to use black spray paint to make the grain show better and then BLO.
  11. Stykbow

    Maryland’s Primitive Season

  12. Stykbow

    No jokes?

  13. Stykbow

    What Muzzleloading Stuff Did You Do Today?

    Ole WW! I hadn’t thought about those videos in years. Remember when their $5 dog took off? 😂
  14. Stykbow

    No jokes?

  15. Stykbow

    No jokes?

  16. Stykbow

    FIREARMS! Shhhhh

    If I want to keep someone in the dark I usually don’t post about it on the internet. 😉 If you think for one minute that there aren’t gun control Nazis monitoring this forum, you’d be wrong. Just sayin’…
  17. Stykbow

    No jokes?

  18. Stykbow

    No jokes?

  19. Stykbow

    No jokes?

  20. Stykbow

    Stopping power of the 1860 Colt

    All pistols have the same stopping power for me because if you shoot me with anything bigger than a BB gun I’m going to immediately stop whatever I’m doing!