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  1. Caterpillar Hunter

    End of season with my new knife

    Congratulations! It looks like it will be a good eating doe and you're shooting a fine looking rifle.
  2. Caterpillar Hunter

    MD Sika doe on last day of primitive

    The rifle is as nice looking as the deer!
  3. Caterpillar Hunter

    Looking to try date to this musket, as the markings are indistinct apart from the crown engraving it's 75 cal, wooden ramrod, is it an Indian Trader?

    Over the last week or so and including this new thread, there have been at least 2 posters who seem to take immense pleasure coming across as jerks when they post. Lately, what's wrong with the maturity of some members of this Forum? We're adults here who should act like we have some manners...
  4. Caterpillar Hunter

    Muzzleloader Magazine Nov/Dec

    It's Dec.1 and no Muzzleloader Magazine yet for me. But then I've never kept track of when it arrives.
  5. Caterpillar Hunter

    Napolean movie reviews?

    It was an "OK" movie to watch during a cold afternoon. It was a little heavy on the attention paid to Josephine, but then it's a movie of Napolean's and Josephine's lives, not just his battlefield experiences (unfortunately).
  6. Caterpillar Hunter

    PA success

    A very fine achievement!
  7. Caterpillar Hunter

    Johnson’s Paste Wax

    $16.64 right now on Amazon. Plus shipping.
  8. Caterpillar Hunter

    Torn patches!

    Or try this: https://www.onlinefabricstore.com/47-inch-aca-blue-ticking-fabric-.htm Good stuff. This ticking mics out to 0.015 inches after washing.
  9. Caterpillar Hunter

    Pillow ticking thickness

    Or try pillow ticking from Onlinefabric store. 47" ACA Blue Ticking Fabric This is good stuff. Washed, it mics out to 0.015"
  10. Caterpillar Hunter

    Performance difference between Goex & Swiss powder ?

    I'm shooting a .54 Rice barrel originally sighted in at 50 yards with 90 grains of 2F Goex. I started using 2F Swiss several years ago, but dropped down to 80 grains. Shots were about 3" higher with Swiss. Since my front sight was filed down to the 90g Goex load, I had no choice but to change...
  11. Caterpillar Hunter

    Last tag filled with a flintlock!

    I'm puzzled. "especially when plumage at their head turns bright emerald green". Are we really talking about sandhill cranes or perhaps some other bird?
  12. Caterpillar Hunter

    Shooting Rest?

    Dry stacked creek rocks with a notched cedar log for a rest.
  13. Caterpillar Hunter

    SOLD Wait, wait, there's more---The Complete Blackpowder Handbook

    A 2001 handbook by Sam Fadala. He's timeless. $10.00 for the handbook plus about $10.00 for shipping.
  14. Caterpillar Hunter

    SOLD Black Powder Loading Manual

    This manual is authored by who other than Sam Fadala. 1982 edition. You'll be reading it in bed for many nights. $10.00 for this entertainment plus the shipping of $10.00.
  15. Caterpillar Hunter

    SOLD Lyman Muzzleloader Handbook

    This Lyman handbook is the 1976 first addition. For $20.00 this handbook will be shipped to you!
  16. Caterpillar Hunter

    SOLD Dixie Gun Works catalog

    This is a 1992 catalog loaded with a lot of interesting information, all of it still relevant today. Catalog is $10.00 plus another $10.00 for shipping.
  17. Caterpillar Hunter

    SOLD Muzzleloader book for sale

    Classic Lyman Black Powder Handbook. A "must have" handbook. $10.00 plus shipping that will be about $10.00 also.
  18. Caterpillar Hunter

    A question for my fellow Hunters

    First of all, when I'm finished cleaning my rifle I swab the bore with Barricade Rust Protection (not Barricade Gun Oil) . Whatever this stuff is, it dries to a non-oily "film". It works. When I'm ready to hunt, I run a dry patch down the bore before loading. Sometimes I run half sheet of a...
  19. Caterpillar Hunter

    CLOSED Hornet's nest give-a-way

    The hornet's nest has been spoken for. Thanks to all of you who were interested in it.
  20. Caterpillar Hunter

    CLOSED Hornet's nest give-a-way

    To give away approximately 1lb. bald face hornet's nest material to the first member who p.m.'s me. Of course, the catch is the postage. It looks like $12.00 would cover shipping to anywhere in CONUS. So, if you use this material in your shooting and don't mind the high cost of shipping these...