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  1. dave951

    Progressive depth rifling questions

    Unbreeching these rifles is not recommended unless there is an over riding mechanical reason to do so.
  2. dave951

    Gunbroker Unscrupulous Sellers

    There's a reason I call it Gun Joker. There are some sellers on there that are living in a fantasy and some that are ignorant of things black powder. The ones I really don't like are those with auctions that have an insane "buy it now" price and the starting bid is $20 under that insanely high...
  3. dave951

    Progressively rifled barrel for Enfield 1853/58

    We've found in the N-SSA that many times, an original in "shooter" grade condition is less expensive than a new repro and is easier to get shooting properly. Parker Hale is the way to go otherwise. Just be sure it's a Birmingham produced one and between the P53 and P58, the "2 band" is the most...
  4. dave951

    Progressively rifled barrel for Enfield 1853/58

    The problem with buying from guys like that is they make one size bullet and most likely, it won't work in your gun. You'll end up frustrated by no accuracy. However, their stuff is very authentic in rolling and design so if that's your goal and not accuracy, then by all means. We can go back...
  5. dave951

    Progressively rifled barrel for Enfield 1853/58

    I generally don't buy minies, or any other muzzleloading bullets for that matter. I cast everything. What I have done when doing some experimentation is to use this guy- https://www.lodgewood.com/Bullets_c_7.html And get a sample to try before buying the mold. There is NO other source for...
  6. dave951

    Progressively rifled barrel for Enfield 1853/58

    I can second Whitacre barrels. They can be extremely accurate.
  7. dave951

    How many years Muzzleloading experience?

    50 years
  8. dave951

    Highly recommend trusted sellers on this forum

    @PathfinderNC His powder horns are works of art
  9. dave951

    weird Enfield P53 replica

    If it was used, there's a possibility it's a reenactor gun that was in the "defarb" process.
  10. dave951

    Progressively rifled barrel for Enfield 1853/58

    Remember guys, there's also a very wide difference between the civilian and military arms when taking about period rifling. Don't make the mistake of blanket assertions.
  11. dave951

    Progressively rifled barrel for Enfield 1853/58

    Gain twist is completely different from progressive depth rifling.
  12. dave951

    Civil war cannon

    3/9 at Allison Woods, Statesville, NC. For reservations email- [email protected]
  13. dave951

    Civil war cannon

    You could always make a field trip to Statesville NC on 3/9. We'll be hosting a Recruit Skirmish and the Wee Beastie will be there barking at the backstop Yes, it's a full size Parrot rifle. During the War, there was some experimentation with this size Parrot to equip cavalry and other forces...
  14. dave951

    What Muzzleloading Stuff Did You Do Today?

    Last weekend we were at a gun show in Salisbury NC. For those not familiar with NC, Salisbury is a old city that predates the Civil War. This particular show is mainly modern, but we made sure the crazy uncle in the attic was stomping on the roof!!! But more to the point, this was an effort to...
  15. dave951

    Parker Hale Enfield vs Euroarms Enfield

    In my experience, the UK ones are more accurate- generally.
  16. dave951

    How many caps do you use in a year ?

    Muskets and carbines. Between competition and instruction- about 6000 per year
  17. dave951

    Rapine Trash Can availability?

    You can order the mold from Moose. It's not on his website but it's available.
  18. dave951

    Cleaning lead pot

    The real issue with aluminum wiring is corrosion and oxidation, especially at connections and anywhere exposed to air. While clean aluminum is a great conductor, the points where it corrodes, not so much meaning resistance and with electricity, resistance = heat. More resistance, more heat, more...
  19. dave951

    1861 Springfield hammer adjustment

    Not really. Somebody has attempted a "trigger job" and botched the geometry on the tumbler.
  20. dave951

    Rapine Trash Can availability?

    That is NOT THE TRASHCAN and I've tried that minie and it did not perform well. In this pix, the third set from the left is what the Rapine looks like. Note the square edge on the top. The Lee version is more rounded. Second from the right is the RCBS Hogdon. On the right, the Moose...