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  1. Mulemauler

    Convert percussion to flintlock.

    I've done dozens of them. Some were more complicated than others but just about any can be done, just depends on time and money.
  2. Mulemauler

    Fixable or not?

    If the threads are damaged to the point you can't recut them Track of the Wolf has oversized taps and nipples in +.05 increments...often I've salvaged them by going .10-.15 oversized.
  3. Mulemauler

    Gun from Civil War found in trash can at Gettysburg Walmart

    It is sad but after auctions I've frequently had people bring in a reproduction pistol that the auctioneer had said was original. They thought they were buying a "real" antique. Auctions can be the ultimate "buyer beware" market.
  4. Mulemauler

    Public Apology

    If it is a stainless steel model I have a used barrel. It has some light pitting about midway down the barrel but not bad and still very shootable.
  5. Mulemauler

    TOW Hawken full stock plains rifle

    A real favorite of mine is the J. Henry "British " style. Put this one together with correct lock from "The Rifle Shoppe"
  6. Mulemauler

    TOW Hawken full stock plains rifle

    This is an "American" or Lancaster style J. Henry trade rifle I built for a customer a year or so ago. It is historically correct for the early fur trade period.
  7. Mulemauler

    Good, cheap bore lights

    I've used white lighted arrow nocks for many years but they are getting harder to find and pretty expensive. Have tried other colors but never happy with them so these just may be a better idea.
  8. Mulemauler

    any idea who made this lock? marked with H H

    It looks like it might be one of Larry Zornes locks. He made castings that were used by several builders back in the 70's and 80's.
  9. Mulemauler

    Laurel Mountain Browning

    You can actually control the color and texture by how you card off rust between coats. For a classic "English" type brown where steel is shiny but brown use a carding wheel and buff all rust scale off the parts but for a more rustic "old" look use denim or burlap to just knock down surface rust...
  10. Mulemauler

    New from Oklahoma

    If you are near the Okla. City area I'd like to invite you to come out and shoot with us. We have 2 and sometime three matches a month.
  11. Mulemauler

    Rifles of the Fur Trade

    Life was tough no matter what you did. Kit Carson's father died while felling a tree on their homestead and most men were considered "Old" in their mid forties. Studying the order invoices from the major fur companies seem to show they were all over the board on the caliber rifles ordered. Just...
  12. Mulemauler

    How is a .32 for target work?

    Have to agree with most comments about they being fun at reasonably close ranges, past 50 yards that little pill really loses energy and affected by wind. They also tend to foul very quickly so swabbing every couple of shots is needed. Get yourself a metal range rod with a muzzle guide and...
  13. Mulemauler

    Don't Carve That Stock!

    Many old time builders only did certain parts of the build and then let good woodcarvers such as cabinet makers do the embellishment same goes engraving. Have seen many rifles from the same builder with obviously different engraving or carving styles.
  14. Mulemauler

    Don't Carve That Stock!

    Background clean up is the HARDEST part! Time consuming and tedious but makes all the difference.
  15. Mulemauler

    SMR set trigger

    They tend to vaporize when exposed to open air, you are lucky to have found it.
  16. Mulemauler

    The Rifle Shoppe and Others

    WOW! Rare as hen's teeth! Would love to have one but they have been out of stock for years. TRS has most of the original printing plates but can't find an "Old School" print shop to run them as everyone has gone digital. Cost is also a major factor today. I have an old Log cabin and TOTW catalog...
  17. Mulemauler

    Rifles of the Fur Trade

    Great info! Thank you!
  18. Mulemauler

    Wood grade 5

    Fancy figured woods are much harder to work. I've always figured that if the wood is fancy carving gets lost or is a distraction where as it can make a fairly blaw piece very attractive.
  19. Mulemauler

    Wood grade 5

    One of the prettiest pieces of Walnut I ever worked with for a customer who wanted something really nice.
  20. Mulemauler

    Deer creek products

    Have always found them helpful and often have obsolete parts no one else has.