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  1. Wawyasto

    What Muzzleloading Stuff Did You Do Today?

    Monthly club shoot and meeting today. It was our club's annual 'soup shoot' and took a pot to share. Also made a deal to buy another Plains pistol in .54
  2. Wawyasto

    If You Order From Pecatonica Beware Of Shipping Issues With USPS

    Reading is fundamental. First sentence...
  3. Wawyasto

    Turkey load for a 28 gauge (56 cal) ???

    They've got 2 months to screw it up and I wouldn't put it past them to do just that
  4. Wawyasto

    Turkey load for a 28 gauge (56 cal) ???

    50 grains 2F and 1oz #5 using Skychief's loading method gives me the best patterns in my 24 ga trade gun. If Kansas ever reopens it's turkey season again I might get to use it:rolleyes:
  5. Wawyasto

    Moving to Oz

    The best advice I can give is don't go if you enjoy personal freedom and Liberty. I have wanted to go and see Australia ever since I watched Man from Snowy River and Quigley Down Under. After seeing how they treated their own citizens during COVID the only way you'd get me there is in a bodybag.
  6. Wawyasto

    Euroarms P53, help me out

    Got some more background on the rifle. Apparently it's been up for sale for several months now. Its previous owner used it in NSSA skirmishes (dunno where, there are no NSSA shoots around here) and that the rifle's biggest issue is that the lock parts are very worn. If I didn't already have like...
  7. Wawyasto

    Euroarms P53, help me out

    Dropped in at a gun shop out of town and they have for sale a used Euroarms P53 Enfield for sale. Bore looks pretty good and has historically accurate sling but there is some spots of surface rust on the barrel and the bluing is gone from the first 4-5" from the muzzle, I'm assuming from a...
  8. Wawyasto

    SOLD Sold: Connecticut Valley Arms .32 Caliber Squirrel Rifle CVA

    My feedback didn't post last night for some reason, I reposted today. Hint: Here's what the seller claimed was 'cleaned and oiled' and an original ramrod:
  9. Wawyasto

    SOLD Sold: Connecticut Valley Arms .32 Caliber Squirrel Rifle CVA

    I took one for the team here, guys. See the feedback.
  10. Wawyasto

    BUYER BEWARE - Mntnhntr is a SCAMMER

    I've had to employ the user of a lawyer twice in my lifetime. Both times involved criminal accusations that were not only false but were also had my accusers using political connections they thought they had to destroy me. Not only were my lawyers successful my accusers and their minions paid a...
  11. Wawyasto

    BUYER BEWARE - Mntnhntr is a SCAMMER

    Just be glad they're not listing pronouns...
  12. Wawyasto

    BUYER BEWARE - Mntnhntr is a SCAMMER

    Those sites are so fraudulently inaccurate you could put the Pope's name in there and he'd come back a Lutheran.
  13. Wawyasto

    WANTED Do not to do business with kd8jgu. He will not pay you.

    Yeah I just looked up his ham callsign. I'd give the Overton, TX police a call and email them everything you have on the transaction. Maybe a simple "knock and talk" from Officer Bubba would make him see the light? https://cityofoverton.com/police-dept/
  14. Wawyasto

    BUYER BEWARE - Mntnhntr is a SCAMMER

    I got a PM head's up that someone with the same name was scamming in here. In retrospect I should've made my username my Potawatomi name, Wawyasto (Tornado)
  15. Wawyasto

    BUYER BEWARE - Mntnhntr is a SCAMMER

    I leave town and logoff for half a day and I come back to this... For the record, Full name is Jonathan Allen Holder, haven't even visited Nebraska in maybe 11 years and never sold a revolver on here.
  16. Wawyasto

    First Santa Fe Trail Plainsmen 50th Anniversary Rendezvous 10/20-22 2023

    DATE CHANGE! Date on flyer is in error, correct date 13-15 October
  17. Wawyasto

    Hawken Classic Location Cancelled by the St. Charles County Parks Department

    That is until one witness remembers one thing and another, well, another... Signed documents trump recollections.