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  1. Frontier's

    SOLD CVA mountain .58

    Deer creek northwest rifle of you go by the trigger guard.
  2. Frontier's

    Who's got the best lube?

    My Bear Paws patch lube is byfar my most favorite recipe.
  3. Frontier's


    It was made to shoot in caplocks and pretty much be found on every gun store shelf as it did not require any special storage or licensing, unlike real black.
  4. Frontier's

    Unmarked percussion muzzle loader hunting rifle identification

    yep looks home made to me. That lock panel screams lack of skill
  5. Frontier's

    Ball sprue VS proper loading jag

    Hand cast with pure lead in a Lyman mould.
  6. Frontier's

    Investarm Bridger Hawken build

    Before and after. Blended with ebony stain pen. After, different lighting in the sun, so that's why this looks more reddish. I'll take more pics before I apply a finish.
  7. Frontier's

    Is this leading?

    Hard to say but it looks more like frost rusting.
  8. Frontier's

    SOLD CVA Mountain Rifle stock, 1” barrel channel, $50

    That's a cva mountain rifle. Got me all excited when I read hawken.
  9. Frontier's

    Fixed the miss fire issue. CVA Mountain Rifle

    Buy you a cheap bore camera.
  10. Frontier's

    Staining walnut

    Investarm has switched to Beech, so if it's pretty white, it's not walnut.
  11. Frontier's

    Tingle rifles, pistols, and shotguns

    Had one. They are solid pieces and quality.
  12. Frontier's

    Investarm Bridger Hawken build

    Agreed 100% I like to add some figure, but not where it slaps you across the face and screams FAKE!! You can turn this stock in the sun and pick up different "figures". Got a couple more colors of stain pens and I'll try some experimenting today.
  13. Frontier's

    Investarm Bridger Hawken build

    Looks exactly like a scotch Brite pad. Only white and non abrasive.
  14. Frontier's

    Investarm Bridger Hawken build

    2 coats Birchwood Casey walnut, burnished the stock with a polishing pad, then started laying down the stripes with a minwax stain pen. I'll repeat this process with the stain pen probably one more time.
  15. Frontier's

    Investarm Bridger Hawken build

    Faux finish started today. Going for natural look, I don't want it to pop like a sore thumb but leave nice traces in the wood as you turn it through the sunlight. Still have a ton of work ahead.
  16. Frontier's

    My old traditions St.louis Hawken

    An old video from 2016 or 17 when I tried my new traditions St.louis Hawken kit that I just finished. First 100 yard try. I believe this was 70gr 2fg Olde Eynsford, .020 patch and .490 round ball.
  17. Frontier's

    FIREARMS! Shhhhh

    Some muzzleloader do require an ffl.
  18. Frontier's

    Blue balls

    Oxidation forming on top. You can Flux all you want, turn the temp down, itll still be there. 19lbs of pure lead between Saturday and Sunday.