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  1. Dusty_Traveler

    Rear sight

    No, it is just the rear sight. I use TOTW part number FS-PA-37 in conjunction with the Johnson sight. The height is right.
  2. Dusty_Traveler

    SOLD 20 lbs Soft Lead Ingots - Box #2

    I'll take it. Sending payment now...
  3. Dusty_Traveler

    Adapter M5 male to female 10-32

    @IanH I think the link rule only applies to gun auctions. I have a Euroarms Enfield Carbine that had a male M5 tip. In measuring it, it was so close to 10-32 that I chose to run a 10-32 die over the metric threads. It didn't booger them at all, and I can use my 10-32 accessories now.
  4. Dusty_Traveler

    Thread Tied Patched Round Balls?

    Really an interesting 'thread'. I always wondered how the Baker, 1803 HF, common rifle etc. patched ball rifle cartridges were prepared. This makes it very clear. @ArmorerRoy when you load those, which side goes down? Very cool.
  5. Dusty_Traveler

    Thread Tied Patched Round Balls?

    Then they go in the shot pouch…
  6. Dusty_Traveler

    WITHDRAWN CVA Brittany Shotgun

  7. Dusty_Traveler

    FOR SALE 54 cal Woodsrunner

    how many monies?
  8. Dusty_Traveler

    Adjustable hone?

    Look up illuminated fishing bobber light/battery.
  9. Dusty_Traveler

    Adjustable hone?

    Maybe cut the plug/nipple area off, hone than rethread for plug and nipple? Only loosing maybe 1"? Yes.
  10. Dusty_Traveler

    Adjustable hone?

    Even with an adjustable reamer you’re not going to get all the way to the breechplug face
  11. Dusty_Traveler

    Cylinder filler

    If you're making 50 cent piece size groups at 20 yards, with a bp revolver, I'd say you are on top of your game, and not to change a thing!
  12. Dusty_Traveler

    WITHDRAWN WTB RMC Ox-Yoke Quick 6 Loading Stand

    I sold it after using it twice. If I were to buy something of the sort again, it would be more like this...
  13. Dusty_Traveler

    WITHDRAWN WTB RMC Ox-Yoke Quick 6 Loading Stand

    I used one as well. Getting it to shave the ring was hell. Needs to be a lever style press and not threaded.
  14. Dusty_Traveler

    Adjustable hone?

    I don't know of an adjustable hone that small. I think you would need an adjustable reamer. Idk how well it would work. Aren't CVA breechplugs non-removeable?
  15. Dusty_Traveler

    Help! with cleaning my musket

    My cleaning routine/regimen has changed a few times since I started shooting, to try different things. Do this enough and you'll sort through what does work and what doesn't work for you. After a while you'll create your own thing. I have used boiling water and I have used nondiscriminate...
  16. Dusty_Traveler


    I think the only use a --edit-- has in a slow twist barrel is if the shooter wanted to try firing a smaller diameter roundball from the existing bore. There are many variables that can allow or prevent this. It would be a matter of the shooter experimenting with it for themselves. Somewhere I...
  17. Dusty_Traveler

    What Muzzleloading Stuff Did You Do Today?

    Put a few cylinders through the .36 1851 London Navy. First time I've shot it. I DIG it!
  18. Dusty_Traveler

    Round ball weight margins relative to diameter

    When weighing round balls, what are your go/nogo weight margins for small ball vs larger ball? I've been going through all the RB I have cast. Weighing and rejecting what is +/- 1gr beyond the average, both ways. I started at the largest, .720, and I've made it down to .440. I still have...