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    Got a little place in KS. Pretty bad drought last few years and the river was about dry last summer. Had some beavers move in last fall and they managed a few dams on my place. Not sure what is happening below my place but have some very nice water backed up now. Sort of nice to see them there...
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    Flintlock elk hunt (not mine, but...)

    Put a whoopin on that cow. No need to worry about meat spoilage at those temps lol. Glad I watched till the end. That sled worked pretty well.
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    Roundball Turkeys

    I'd be interested in responses too. I'd think base of the neck would work without tearing up breasts. Seems ideal for the small calibers.
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    Cleaning between rounds

    May want to take a couple different patch materials with you. I tend to go with a looser fitting ball since I reload on hunts without swabbing between shots. You'll have a great time. Nothing like shooting the old style rigs.
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    Anyone else use the old Thompson Center Maxi Ball system bullets for hunting?

    I shot through a few elk with the 370 maxiballs. They penetrate till tomorrow and disrupted enough stuff to kill well. Kicking mothers though and actually prefer larger roundballs these days.
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    2022 Plains deer hunt report

    The gentleman I bought it from wouldn't even discount it with that obvious defect. But we stay in touch and he is a true gentleman.
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    2022 Plains deer hunt report

    Mike, Its hard to tell in the photo but that uncut milo was dang near as high as their backs. Once he got that close I made a quick call on shot placement and it worked out. I do normally shoot for lungs. Appreciate your post.
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    TRADE Bear lard for hardened .570 roundballs

    Hello, I have a pint of twice filtered bear lard. Its 2 years old, pure white, but older than I would use for cooking. Good for every other application though. If anyone has a few hardened up .570 roundballs, I'd like to give them a try. I'll have 2 bear tags this fall and planning on doing a...
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    Food for thought on smaller calibers for hunting big game.

    As this topic wanders here and there, question for the more experienced guys. I've been shooting 100% lead projectiles in .530 and .570. Typically I top out at 90-100 grains of Swiss ffg in both rifles. Most shots on whitetails and mule deer are under 50 for me though as long as 110 at times...
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    .58 Caliber hunting load advice

    My shots range from 20 yards to maybe 110 yards. Mostly whitetails, mule deer and antelope. I've been shooting about 100 grains of ffg Swiss. I do it mainly to have a bit flatter trajectory to 110 yards but it is also quite accurate. I'm sure 55 would work well and should be very mild in...
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    GA 10 pt.

    Beautiful deer, looks perfect. The ones here at home are looking a bit scuffed up.
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    Another great year

    Shot my buck in about the same spot with the same result. Seems to calm them right down. Nice looking rifle and buck,
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    exit wound on a boar ising 535 gr no excuse

    No. https://www.muzzleloading-bullets.com/shop/
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    exit wound on a boar ising 535 gr no excuse

    Have to love that kind of performance. A sane amount of powder and a big lead slug. Be a good load to sit waterholes for bears with.
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    Roundball Expansion?

    I guess maybe I don't run them hard enough or perhaps the Hornady balls are softer lead? I've found a couple 58 balls the last 4 years. They do keep killing stuff and things never go far though.
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    The .62 rifle took a 2022 deer

    Always wanted to try a 62. Any load details?
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    Utah Buck

    Great pics and story. Nice shot to as an 80 yard neck shot isn't a gimme. My daughter started out fishing with me and progressed into a very good hunter. Hoping to get her out again next year. Nice parenting on display there.
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    2022 Plains deer hunt report

    I think it was a factory blem or something lol. I've been shooting lefthanded now about 12 years and its working for me pretty good.
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    What do you hunt with your traditional muzzleloader?

    Mule deer, whitetail, few antelope, elk and bear.
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    TC .54 Renegade First Shots

    Roundballs. So pleasant to shoot and so effective. Nice shooting.