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  1. B

    Flintlock from my dad.

    Straight. Thanks, Bryan
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    Need help to ID this gun

    My father left me this gun in his gun safe. It's obviously a percussion cap gun. Perhaps the percussion cap nipple is "new", but the gun is apparently very old. Some markings are noted in the photos attached. All help is appreciated. bmorton
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    Flintlock from my dad.

    Thank you. There's some supplies too I will look through.....no ammunition that I can find. Just cleaning stuff. Thanks!
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    Percussion cap rifle by Jack Crockford

    I have inherited a percussion cap rifle made by Jack Crockford. Fired it as a boy back in the 1970s, not fired since then to my knowledge. In great shape looking at it's condition. Stored in gun safe with humidity packs. What caliber might it be.....what do I need to know about it?
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    Flintlock from my dad.

    I have inherited a flintlock made by Jack Crockford (in Georgia). Photos attached. Wondering what caliber it is....what's it's value. I shot it a few times as a boy back in the 1970's. Hasn't been fired since then, but in excellent condition based on it's appearance and where it was stored...