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    Felt wads under patch and ball?

    I do it on a brass frame 51 36 cal cal and ball I have, I use pyrodex and try to keep the charge light. The bottom of the chambers on the gun have a small ledge so the space from a wad helps compress the powder.
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    15 ga shooting supplies

    I was using a 1/8" over powder wad , a medium thickness leather wad I made, a 1/2" dry fiber wad, ball, and a 1 /2" fiber wad soaked in cooking oil on top. I got complicated but worked very well. I'd I had any thinner patching other then pillow casing maybe a patch may or worked to.
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    SOLD Soft gun case

    That's a very nice deal, to bad I'm broke at the moment
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    15 ga shooting supplies

    My .678 bore was shooting .662 balls really well, more like a dry ball no patch. 2-3" groups at 40 yards with the bead.
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    Original or Replica ?

    I don't know a thing about bp pistols and not much on rifles, but this gun looks to perfect, meaning just enough patina/ age but still not a clunker that won't sell. The wear seems not right to me.
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    FOR SALE Smoothbore underhammer

    yes there fun guns for sure, I'd keep it if I didn't need the money. Being a smoothbore makes it a bit different but this gun can do about everything.
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    FOR SALE Smoothbore underhammer

    Barrel is marked numrich arms Hopkins and Allen W Hurley Ny. I got the gun from a friend that worked at numrich about 20 years ago.
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    Home made scrapers

    I've used old feeler gauges, the thicker ones for small scrapers.
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    FOR SALE Smoothbore underhammer

    H&A from numrich, 15ga smooth bore, .678 30" round barrel. Walnut with bakeolite butt plate. Bead sight, very nice trigger has half cock, fiberglass rod with brass ends. Has some small dings and a scratch here or there on the wood, bluing is ok could use some touching up. Forend has silicone...
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    Kibler SMR Build-Part 1

    That sucks hope all the other stuff is alright that must be a good ram rod blank tho. I worked for ups we had a driver get fired because she was caught deliberately doing as much damage as possible to firearm boxes, I talked to a few old guys close to retirement and they said it's pretty common...
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    OOPS in the olden days.

    Ya everyone should definitely be cautious when loading and keep the powder sealed up, I'd like to see a more scientific test. side note if your going to loose a finger the piny is probably the one to loose. I had a accident and my middle finger on my right hand took a vacation one day at work...
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    OOPS in the olden days.

    Have there been any real test done on powder horns when Ignited, I know things are done to try to prevent them from exploding. Seems I've Hurd some explode and some just pop into flames, guess it depends on how much power was in the horn. I believe there was a horn on the wall at Dixon's think...
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    Dixon Muzzleloaders Fair

    Yes I've seen that, good to know if will continue. Sucks next year tho.
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    Greetings from upstate NY

    Welcome from Orange county
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    SOLD A new unfired Lyman Great plains with slow twist in .54.

    Think he said his friend put it together.