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    hello to u 2 .
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    The Snipe

    here in northern dauphin county inPa, we have a bird that is very much like the woodcock or snipe, just a little bigger called the mileormore bird, the difference from these and a woodcock ,or snipe and the reason they are called Mileormore is ,they have a 4 inch bill and when they land ,they...
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    Had a pretty good weekend in the turkey woods

    very well written.. keep on keepin on.....
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    Alina here, from Folk Firearms Collective

    hi , and welcome to the site.. Fox
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    Hello from Pennsylvania

    welcome from Dauphin co.
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    New member

    greetings from Pa. yor gonna like here
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    New Member from Central Pa

    Welcome from Dauphin co. Pa.
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    New Member from Central Pa

    Welcome from Dauphin co. Pa.
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    What do you hunt with your traditional muzzleloader?

    I only went bear huntin once, drivin to the hunting spot , we came to a bend in the road and a sign sayin Bear left, so we went home,, that was years ago lol
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    What Muzzleloading Stuff Did You Do Today?

    in regards to the Hawkin that dont shoot good. I remember reading something some years ago about a run of bad barrels on the hawkin guns ,and they were being replaced if send back to factory..lol, Too late for that now.. but if it solves the probablem ,, mebby get barrel redone. Mebby some one...
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    Hello from Pennsylvania

    welcome from Williams Valley ,Dauphin co. Pa.
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    Origins of chili con carne

    I attended a "tailgate party " at Penn State and they had Chili con corny ,, they added corn and called it Penn State chili .
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    Trying this again.

    welcome from Pa. Lottsa knowledge and good people here... Fox
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    Really wide belt

    Try an Amish harness maker,
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    Hello from Pennsylvania

    welcome from Dauphin county,,
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    Taxidermy in northwest Pa.

    Try Wesseners in Tower City Pa. He does very nice work.
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    Along the Susquehanna

    Welcome from Dauphin county. Mebby you want to research a Reedy from Gratz Pa. and there was one from Liverpool whose name i dont remember. Both of the were makers and repairs On main st in Gratz there is a Pa. sign in front of Reedy's house.. He is long gone. hope it helps. OBTW Gratz is...
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    New Member from PA

    welcome from Dauphin county in good old PA. Fox....
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    Hello from Pennsylvania

    greetings from upper dauphin county
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    WANTED 1861 Springfield rifle musket repro

    lol just to add to the mix,, did ya try Dixons gun shop in Hamburg Pa.. lotts of old stuff.