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    What Muzzleloading Stuff Did You Do Today?

    Made up some homemade bacon from a nice clean slab of pork belly. Did the dryrub method, sugar/salt/cure/pure Canadian maple syrup a week ago. Rinsed, rubed with Garlic Plus spice and Smoked yday with apple chips. Sliced today and cooked it up for breakfast. Wow!! It is awesome! Finished cleanup...
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    I just couldn't help myself today

    Yes, couldn’t agree more. Those that don’t understand owning a muzzleloader requires more cleaning, correct cleaning, correct powders, correct projectiles, etc. are not true muzzleloaders. But to just make a broad statement such as was made really irks me. Does every Southern man have relations...
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    I just couldn't help myself today

    Ahh, I think I understand. Pyro shooters are too dumb to know how to maintain their gun. Thanks for the clarity oh wise ones. Walk
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    I just couldn't help myself today

    I’m a Pyrodex burner. Please explain what you getting at! Walk
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    So how many different wild meats have you killed, cooked and eaten?

    Moose Elk Black bear MD/WT Deer Rabbit/Hares Squirrel Geese/Ducks (many types) Pigeon Dove Fish, fresh & salt-West Coast Shell fish Pheasant/Grouse/Ptarmigan Walk Edited; missed the part of my having to kill it. Was only thinking wild and eating. Lol.
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    Bend the hammer or set back the barrel ?

    Fyi, my hammer bends have all been done with butane hand torch. Never a problem. Walk
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    Two Feathers

    Lol. I bought 4 or 5 knives off him. Very good work in my opinion! Walk
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    Rifles that would have been used when David Thompson travelled through Western Canada

    Have you checked the public library in RMH? When I lived there, there was lots of books and journals available. I seem to recall one mentioning his personal firearms as well as the inventory for the expedition. Walk
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    Let's Discuss.......Mushrooms.

    Obviously Morels but we also have lots of Shaggymanes here in our dark and damp forests. I’ve always been leery of them but my friends eat them if fresh. Walk
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    12 point

    Sir, I live in the land where everyone wants to hunt whitetails (Alta/Sask) and I wish to pass along that you have a nice deer there. Obviously not the biggest but the frame, color and mass sure show well. Very nice!! Walk
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    Broken ramrod

    When I break a RR i get a new one. Walk
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    Using Tallow

    What if you filter the bacon grease (warm) through a cloth. Would some salts remain? Walk
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    Are YOU over 18?

    I ain’t giving my age to a stranger over the internet who ask’s me if I’m over 18 Bubba .50. Sorry. Lol Walk
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    The experiment.

    Loved the pics and the story brother. I come from a family of goose hunters and love eating them. Goose sausage, goose jerky, stewed goose, hot dipped goose chunks (double baked in Franks hot sauce). Ground goose taco’s. All good. Some folks think you must cook like a turkey, boy that is...
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    Funny Muzzleloading Experience

    Without looking it up, was this Canadian even close?
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    Really dumb question, likely

    Great to hear, thanks guys! Walk
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    Funny Muzzleloading Experience

    Feb 1864 is my guess. Lol
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    Really dumb question, likely

    If your TC .50 percussion has the QLA, is it worth even trying a 370gr Maxi with a .54 Oxy-yoke felt wonder wad under it? Or basically have to cut it off or use unmentionable projectiles? Walk