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    Lock trouble Traditions

    Make sure the fire lever is not hitting the stock if this is a kit gun. Brian
  2. P

    WANTED TC Rifle

    ok I will take the $425. We need to do it soon or wait till I finish with doctor.
  3. P

    WANTED TC Rifle

    I will do $400 plus shipping, or $450 I pay for shipping. it is up to you. My doctors appointment was pushed out a couple of weeks. We will need to do something soon or what till after my appointment to make sure I do not need to go in the hospital.
  4. P

    Finished my Trapper flintlock pistol kit.

    Not to bad for a one armed guy I think.
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    WANTED TC Rifle

    I I'm half paralyzed from a stroke and I have not been able to clean it and take good pics. I had a fall a few weeks ago and my wife does not want me in the shop alone.
  6. P

    WANTED TC Rifle

    Here are a couple of pics for now.
  7. P

    WANTED TC Rifle

    I will try to get pics tomorrow. Brian i
  8. P

    too complicated

    I like to make a folder on my desk top with the pics I want to post,. and then use the attach files button below.
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    WANTED TC Rifle

    I have a .50 renegade flint I will take 425$ plus shipping for it. I will try to let some pics up in a day or two. Brian
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    SOLD Pietta 44 target for rifle

    You still looking or not. I may just put it up for sale.
  11. P

    SOLD Built layman's plains pistol kit $225 plus shipping.

    ok I sent you a pm for mailing info because I charge cost only.
  12. P

    SOLD Pietta 44 target for rifle

    I sent some pics to the con you started.
  13. P

    SOLD Pietta 44 target for rifle

    would a .50 percussion made by invest arms for Cabela's interest you. If so I will take it out tomorrow to take pictures for you.
  14. P

    FOR SALE Traditions Trapper Pistol kit

    did you decide not to build it or need money. I will trade a built plains pistol for it. even trade. pittsburghunter.
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    WANTED WTB 50cal pistol

    A couple of pictures of my plains pistol.