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  1. jco3d

    Been hanging back a bit since joining.

    Done last week Colonial 54 cal
  2. jco3d

    Been hanging back a bit since joining.

    Having had 2 failed shoulder surgeries in the past 2 years I decided to get back into ML in place of traditional archery. Just finished up my new Kibler Colonial Rifle and eager to get on with it. I appreciate the knowledge and wealth of information on the forum.
  3. jco3d

    MidWest Powders

    Has anyone actually done business with this company ? Seems scamish.
  4. jco3d

    How old are ya?

  5. jco3d

    Almost black stock

    Working on this currently. Tannic Acid & Aqua fortis. Jim Kibler's U tube videos quite helpful. I didn't want this one any darker but it can be achieved with more applications
  6. jco3d

    What Muzzleloading Stuff Did You Do Today?

    Working on my stock for my Kibler 54 Colonial rifle and casting some lead.