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    SOLD Ball Pouches and .389 Balls

    Hi Glenn, does the $35.00 include shipping? I do not want to short change you. Thank you Gary L Myers
  2. M

    SOLD Navy Arms Hawken Rifle

    It would be a good first rifle, BP matches plus the ability to hunt with also.
  3. M

    Two feathers health issues

    Dave is a talented and good man. My GodS love and protection speed his recovery.
  4. M

    Grate Bag,Grate Seller

    Damn spell check strikes again in think.
  5. M

    WANTED Fusil De chase

    Already purchased
  6. M

    SOLD Narragannsett Arms Fusil de Chasse

    Hi Pm sent in response to your Pm
  7. M

    WANTED Fusil De chase

    Hi, I want a Fusil or North west style Fowler.
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    CLOSED Apology

    Since I have been a member here everyone has been grate. No issue with buying from anyone. The new rule helps further the trust garnered on this forum. Not many places left like this site anymore. I enjoy coming here everyday.Even gun broker has had issues with scammers and look how big they...
  9. M

    SOLD Traditions Pioneer Pistol .45 Cal

    Hi, If the pistol is still available I‘ll take it sir.
  10. M

    Grate Bag,Grate Seller

    2Feathers Grate Possibles Bag fast shipping.
  11. M

    CLOSED PA barn gun, 24ga for sale

    Hi is this SB still or sale? Hard to tell by post. thank you
  12. M

    FOR SALE reselling fowler SOLD pending funds..

    Is this Fowler sold. thanks GLM
  13. M

    SOLD Possibles bag

    Hi two feathers, love the bag. How do I pay for it? Address , check, what is the least you will take ? thank you Gary
  14. M

    New from SW VA

    Hello from Bassett Va
  15. M

    CLOSED Brace of flint pistols

    Hi, who made the pistols? Looks like a India made flintlocks.