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    For Remington Percussion Cap Buyers

    JJE Capital owns Palmetto.
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    New member with percussion cap question....

    After building my Traditions Kentucky pistol I had all I needed to shoot. Just recently I was running out of #11 percussion caps and couldn't find them anywhere. My question is, is this apparent shortage due to hunting season coming up and is this an annual event this time of the year or...
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    New Member

    @TFoley. Not Georgetown but Germantown TN, just outside of Memphis. Thanks for the replies. I guess I will play with the adjustment screw and see what happens. I am also considering adding a spring to take slop out of trigger.
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    New Member

    New to muzzle loading. Needed a covid project so I bought a Traditions Kentucky Percussion Pistol. It took a while but it is complete and a ton of fun to shoot. Not new to guns but as a 72 year old retired person I love my 1911 and lever action rifle among others. I have a couple of newbee...