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    Greetings from Wyoming!

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    Hi from Scotland

    Welcome! (Despite my English family name, genetic research tells us we are mostly Scot, plus my father's grandmother was an Orkney Sinclair.)
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    New Hampshire

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    Hello from Nc

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    Hi from Australia!

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    Kibler - field observations?

    Thank you for the wonderful photos. Though two months shy of my 83rd birthday, I am too crippled by osteoarthritis to ever again visit the back country, those pictures evoke many fond memories.
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    Just Another New Guy

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    Newbie onboard

    Welcome! (Beautiful rifle in the making, too.)
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    Northern Michigan Noob

    Welcome from Washington state! (Spent the best summers of my long-ago boyhood on the South Branch of the AuSable, at a long-gone cottage between the Ox Bow Club and the Mason estate.)
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    New guy from central KY

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    Flint question

    One caution: when seeking chert in an active pasture, be careful to avoid the schist.
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    New guy here from PA

    Welcome from Washington state!
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    Old,Grumpy and Still Kicking!

    Welcome! (I clean my MLs with hot soapy water, much the same as we did with our M-1 rifles during my Regular Army active-duty years, `1959-1962.)
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    Removing the barrel on a hooked breech rifle for cleaning, yes or no??

    I always remove hooked-breech barrels for cleaning. Because I equipped all my T/C rifles with tang-mounted peep sights, I replaced the T/C mid-sights with their "primitive" bases, installed a Marble's or Lyman folding sight adjusted to the peep-sight's zero and flipped it up to confirm the zero...
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    New guy here from PA

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    Blackpowder Shooter from Bavaria

    Welcome from Washington state!
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    Taylor Uberti better than Uberti?

    Soft steel indeed; the pair of Remington replicas I bought from Navy Arms in 1968 each self-destructed after less than 50 rounds, loading-lever latches pulled out of their dovetails and the barrel/cylinder gaps nearly quadrupled. Since then -- with but one recent exception -- I have (correctly)...
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    The Best Muzzleloading Movies

    Thank you for this criticism; it sent me -- as I said, I am a near lifelong student of history -- back to the books for a bit of a refresher; I last studied the American Revolution in the '70s and had forgotten about Jane McRae, about whom there are so many conflicting stories it is impossible...
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    The Best Muzzleloading Movies

    Did not know of this series. From the glimpse -- for which many thanks -- appears quite well done in terms of ML use. Could someone please summarize it...and perhaps tell me if (and where) it is findable on the Internet?
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    The Best Muzzleloading Movies

    Have to pick Master and Commander as my all-time favorite muzzle-loader-era film; think it a cinematic tragedy the miser-minded investors cancelled the intended sequel. Second would be Glory; because I am more than casually acquainted with the Black church from my boyhood and young-adult years...