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    SOLD Lyman/Ideal .457 RB Mould

    If this is still available concider it sold Larry
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    Hello from Bulgaria

    Welcome from America's Heartland
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    All I ever use is Windex and paper towels till clean (about 25 min.). I also use Bamboo Ka Bob sticks to clean inside cylinder chambers and around nipples. Trim the sticks flat on two sides, spray the nipples then slide the paper towel around the nipple. Wrap the flat end of the stick around...
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    Old Black Powder Fan from Southern Illinois

    Not this year I'm going through Cancer treatments for the next 3 month's. A Multi Myeloma tumor broke my back and I'm in a wheelchair for a few more weeks.
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    Old Black Powder Fan from Southern Illinois

    Murphysboro just west of Carbondale moved here in 1990.
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    Looking for a ruger old army slim jim holster

    Joe Salter has the entire outfit for your Old Army item #45405 Safariland Civil War Confederate Reproduction Ruger Old Army Holster $195.00 Joesalter.com
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    Old Black Powder Fan from Southern Illinois

    Just became a supporting member I have been involved with black powder arms since my first Roger's & Spencer in 1976. I've hunted deer with my Ethan Allen .54 and several other rifles. My next project it putting primitive sights on my Browning Mountain rifle .50 cal.
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    Olney Mowrey .54

    I bought one new several years ago when they were made in Indiana. It's one of my favorite smoke poles, I just got done crowning the barrel and sighting it in today. I use 100 grains 2F Goex and a .530 ball with a #11 CCI Magnum primer. Mine shoots 4" low with the same load and standard...