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    PBS Ken Burn's 'American Buffalo" (bison bison)

    Oh I don't disagree with the second part of your post, Especially regarding having the luxury to slowly reflect and study at your own pace. However, I was mostly directing my comments on not being able to put much faith in anything you see on television.
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    The Mountain Men. Illiterate or Educated?

    Regarding spelling variations, I recently read notes written by George Washington's secretary regarding a lunch visit with my Great Uncle x6or7 John Teackle. The lunch meeting was to implore GW to intervene on the release from a British prison hulk of his brother, Severn Teackle. In any event...
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    PBS Ken Burn's 'American Buffalo" (bison bison)

    Television can be just as reliable as the written word for truth, enlightening information and just good clean entertainment. There is certainly as much manure written as there is manure produced for any screen. The trick is to be as discerning a viewer as you need to be a discerning reader.
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    Wedge tent pole ideas

    I don't use sleeves, however I have heard that a muffler shop can provide pretty good round sleeves.
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    Source for a garment tanned winter bison hide.

    If you're going to put the time and money into a buff hide coat. Research and think hard into making it out of Brain Tan Buffalo. It would be lighter and breath much better.
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    Mountain Man Rifle

    Appy Hunter, Rod's post was from 2013. A lot of water under the bridge since then. But yes, JJ Artificer web sight was shut down a couple of years ago. Larry has stopped taking orders for Henry rifles. His Henrys show up on the used market once in a while. I was lucky enough to pick up an Early...
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    Shoulder Tension

    A lot of good advice here as usual. I have been shooting flintlocks for 50+ years and was pretty good. I got away from it for about 10 years and when I got back into shooting I had a terrible flinch. Some of it I attribute to being less fit, I could work on that. Got a little better. The most...
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    SOLD Custom Made Mule Hide Boots

    These boots arrived and are as nice or better than expected. Packaging was top notch. Bobbymoon was a super fellow to deal with and I would not hesitate to deal with him in the future. Thanks my friend. Doug T.
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    Howdy from Lake Tahoe. Brushy Creek Rangers is holding their annual Rendezvous May 5-7.
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    Hello from California!

    Welcome from Lake Tahoe. There are a several Black Powder clubs in Northern California that purchase bulk Black Powder and sell to their members. It's Rendezvous season so look for flyers and try to attend a few and meet like minded folks. Good luck, hope to see you around. Cheers, Doug T. aka...
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    SOLD Brass Pipe Hawk

    I purchased this brass hawk. For those that are interested in one for themselves, it is available on the R.E. Davis web sight. It's called the Fancy Pipe Tomahawk head. They have several to choose from, in steel and in brass.
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    Trade rifle book

    Yes, I have one and yes, its worth having in your library. It's not specifically on Trade guns, but all Fire Arms of the Fur Trade Era.
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    SOLD Brass Pipe Hawk

    I'll take this hawk off your hands. PM sent
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    Rifles of the Fur Trade

    Nice job.
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    SOLD Powder horn

    Decide on a picture you'd like to have on it and use carbon paper to transfer to the horn.
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    SOLD SPF .40 pistol

    Nice little piece. Looks like a converted flintlock to percussion. Maybe from a small Siler .
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    Hello, I have a few questions about the Oregon fur trade

    For more complete information on Nathanial Wyeth in Oregon, you may consider reading "Hope Maintains Her Throne", the second volume of the Western Expeditions of Nathanial Wyeth 1834-1836, by Jim Hardee. Lot's of great information on his trapping travels throughout Northern Oregon as well as his...
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    Trade Rifle Character

    Note, before brass tacks were common, eastern Indians and some white frontier types would embed white pound sized trade beads in various designs. Dates, crosses, etc.