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    Hand built vs production

    You shoot with your favorite. I have built a couple and bought a couple my Kibler SMR is the best.
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    Finally paid up

    Thanks for all the warm greetings. I have been going to shoots since 1996. I have shot several rifles. .32 Crockett, .50Thompson centers. Deer creek Cumberland .50. Started out making plain Ohio Valley style poor boy horns and flat primer horns. merit badge counsel for rifle shooting and...
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    Finally paid up

    Amateur horn smith flint shooter Scout leader NMLRA and NRA RSO.
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    Looking for a part.

    Yes, everyone is right. That looked abused. New part time.
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    What if question

    No 32 on big game. In our own Indiana you have to have 44 or larger for white tail.
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    Helicoil repair

    I have use Heli coils in service. I never liked the idea. Fill the hole and tap it.
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    So I made a patch knife!

    Nothing like the feel of a homemade knife.
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    Am I the only one in the Great Lakes Region?

    Here in Indiana. NMLRA and NRA RSO..
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    Does this look like an original?

    No it not original. It all looks to new. The wood is not worn. There is no evidence of patina.
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    Searching for the right tomahawk

    I don't hammer with a hawk. The eye is just not rugged enough. Try James Townsend and Sons in Pierceton, IN. They have several variety of hawks.
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    Welcome from Indiana.
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    New member learning Muzzleloaders

    Welcome from Indiana.
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    Newbie from Indiana

    Hello from INDY. I can help is most cases. Have a great day fellow Hoosier.
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    Where to get a baby sized powder flask?

    just make a small 5 inch flat primer horn. It will last forever.
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    How do you eat them

    I eat grits with butter and salt and maybe another time with diced tomatoes and bell pepper. Oh yes with sunny side up egg and bacon
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    Do you aim or point and shoot instinctively?

    Here is how it works for me. Sights at all yardage. Once you know the powder charge and the patch thickness the feel of the stock and the feel of the trigger and the sight alignment all make the shot a one with the target. Call it an experience. Yeah it may be a little hard to explain it .
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    Wiping between shots

    I wipe every two shots. The accuracy is still good enough to bring home a ham from the shoot.
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    SMR set trigger

    Yes all way make sure the internals have room to move. Also check that the lock bolt is not protruding in to the hammer fall.
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    SMR set trigger

    sounds like the problem is solved. Burn some powder.