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    How many, and how

    Happy Thanksgiving on which the turkey was shot with a......
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    Oregon Trail

    Welcome from Bend....
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    Hello from Oregon

    Welcome from Bend, Oregon. If you can keep your property here. Times they are a changing...
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    Cataract Surgury and Shooting

    The doctor who did both of my eyes I give high fives too. He goes to Africa each year and performs Cataract surgery on those misfortunate ones who are blind because of their cataracts. I think we all can agree that sight from blindness is special. You are about to be partake in a procedure that...
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    New Member in North Cackalacky

    A hardy welcome from Bend, Oregon.
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    1860 Colt vs. 1858 Remington

    A cure for cap sucking C&B revolversInfoShoppingTap to unmuteIf playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device.Full screen is unavailable. Learn More0:10 / 8:43•Watch full videoLivelike the open top cult type cap and ballrevolvers we face a phenomenon anannoying one that I call cap...
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    New guy from Southern Oregon! Not Portland!

    Welcome to the Forum Ron! And, a hearty welcome from Bend, ORYGUN...
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    Do you display your flintlock or other guns in your home

    Yes, I display five family heirlooms. They rest on special hangers emblazened with the caliber, i.e. ball or cartridge headstamp. They rest there to honor my families past. The future lies in the gun safe where my sons will choose one of mine to display.
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    1849 As A First "Colt"?

    No matter which one you purchase, you will have a ball with it! That little fella is a fun shooter; doesn't cost much to shoot it, but there is a but to this message. Depending on what you will be shooting at, I would suggest a larger caliber. They just reach out farther. Fifteen yards or less...
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    How old are ya?

    78 years of age.
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    How did American forces reload in battle?

    Practice, practice, practice....and still it would be harried. My take, a column would shoot while the column behind reloaded.
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    The Spread Eagle Inn and Tavern est. 1836 WARNING pic heavy!

    Amazon carries the prints. There are three renditions Current update includes Trump.
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    Lot said, my thoughts, shameful leaders, greedy elites, morals lacking, too much talk, less action. Answers to resolve. Bring back the draft. Stop paying for laziness. resurret work camps. Remove the woke from schools. Question and remove illegals from our society. Dissolve the counter culture...
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    Yellow Jackets Nest

    Setting up camp many years ago I disturbed a yellow jacket ground entrance. They came out like a water hose and out for blood. Soon the entire trailer was covered with yellow jackets. We tried gas, chlorine, nothing worked. We were getting to the point of asking where were we going to sleep or...
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    Just when you think you've seen it all

    Maybe we all should take a step back and think about what has been said. For me, questions arise, that encompasses the eternal questions. Who am I? What am I? Where am I? How am I? Why? Our life experiences promote our conversations and thoughts, desires, and being. A well made weapon may turn...
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    A group question

    I have read all replies to your question. They all have merit. What i suggest to you is a Business Plan. This encompasses all facets of structure to make the posssibility for success. Seek out people in the schools of business, management, etc. to assist you. Then you need to look deep into...
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    Hi from Scotland

    Welcome from Bend, Oregon, USA.
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    Hello from Texas

    Welcome from Bend, Oregon. It's 2 degrees this morning, the sun is out with a high expected to be 27 degrees. Don't you wish you were here?
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    Greetings from Portland, Oregon!

    Welcome from Bend.