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    Conicals in .36 revolvers

    Erik does excellent work. he has modified some molds for me that I use in, you know, them other things
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    In real life Civil War what was the most ways a revolver was loaded?

    I have never, ever seen where any orders were placed for extra cylinders during the WBTS. The first patersons to the Texas navy came with an extra cylinder apiece but I think that was it. Has anyone seen any actual documentation for this on either the Federal or Confederate side? If you...
  3. 6

    Random Observations on revolver shooting

    For what it is worth- IIRC the Patersons that were passed on to the Rangers from the Navy had originally come with an extra cylinder apiece. I cannot think of any other military purchase where extra cylinders were ever part of the deal, nor have I ever read of any separate orders from any...
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    Goex powder

    It shoots great in a muzzle loader. I wound up with several pounds left when I sold my two '74 Sharps. I have two MLs I am now shooting it in and am going to try it in my new 1851 navy.
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    Date code on new Pietta

    Found it! It is marked "IT 2022" on the bottom flat of the barrel, hidden by the rammer. Now if they just could have hidden the billboards like that.....
  6. 6

    Date code on new Pietta

    I just got a new Pietta .36 1851 from EMP via UPS today. Everything is good on it -timing, trigger pull, B/C gap etc.-but I cannot find the date code on it. It has the PN CIP markings and all that and on my older Pietta the date code is right beside the proof marks. This appears to be a good...
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    FOR SALE Year code on new Pietta?

    Wrong forum
  8. 6


    I think I will hold out and get a good one. What I have now will suffice to hunt with. I appreciate everyone's advice!
  9. 6


    You people on this forum are a bunch of enablers! I have been really getting back into muzzle loading of late. I am sort of semi-retired now and hope to pull the pin all the way in the next few months. I am thinking for my retirement of getting a jaeger. Is there anything between the...
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    Upgrade from a Traditions Trapper

    Well, I bought a nice worked over Traditions Crockett from No Second Place here on the forum. I really love this little popper! It is superbly accurate. Quick question for the competition shooters-What is the diameter of the black bullseye on the target you shoot at 25 yds? Is it larger than...
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    SOLD .32 cal. Tuned, match ready caplock pistol

    I am very interested in this one if it has not sold. What load have you sighted in for?
  12. 6

    Upgrade from a Traditions Trapper

    I got a Trapper last year and absolutely love shooting it. I never thought a cheap pistol like this would be this accurate. It is my first single shot ML pistol and range sessions with it are very pleasant and almost therapeutic. I would like to get a bit higher quality , better handling...
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    I have over 1,000 of the old Dixie Gun Works caps. They are in red plastic tins and marked "made in Italy". Would these be Fiocchi made? I haven't shot any in a while. IIRC, they are hot caps but more corrosive than Pyrodex.
  14. 6

    Flint Knapping

    Anyone do any flint knapping? How does one get started? We literally have a hillside full of good Texas flint. I have watched a video or two of people making arrowheads and it looks like something even I could do. If I could make flints it would give me an excuse to get a flintlock!
  15. 6

    single shots-anything between a derringer and a Great plains/Trapper style pistol?

    Very good points! Looks like I need to save up a bit!
  16. 6

    single shots-anything between a derringer and a Great plains/Trapper style pistol?

    No, That is not what I am looking for. Some time ago, TFoley posted a video of shooting an English caplock boarding pistol. Something like that, say a rifled version between ..45 and .54, with some passable sights.
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    single shots-anything between a derringer and a Great plains/Trapper style pistol?

    I got a Traditions Trapper for Christmas (wanted a Lyman Great plains but couldn't find one). I am pleasantly surprised at the build quality and hope to get it out to the range this week. It is very heavy to my way of thinking. Does anyone build a pistol in between the derringers and this? I...
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    Taylor vs. cimarron vs. Traditions vs. Pietta?

    I don't know about anyone else, but hearing "bullets' referred to as "boolets" sets my teeth on edge:(
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    1992 Vintage Pietta 1862

    Thanks for all the replies! I wound up getting the gun on a trade. It locks up good and the timing is correct. The gun is very clean and the wedge is still tight enough that a nylon hammer is handy.
  20. 6

    1992 Vintage Pietta 1862

    Correction -the revolver is a '61 navy. Looks like I may be getting one of them on a trade. According to code it appears to have been built in 1992. It has a steel frame and has been hardly used. It seems to function and lock up fine. I was wondering: a) what is it worth on a trade? b) what...