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  1. Clint Meier

    SOLD Need a winter project? How about a Flintlock kit?

    Sold pending receipt of funds. Thank you!
  2. Clint Meier

    SOLD Need a winter project? How about a Flintlock kit?

    I am surprised, as I did not think that this post went through! I'll try and get the images of the invoices posted, along with a couple more.
  3. Clint Meier

    SOLD Need a winter project? How about a Flintlock kit?

    Some time back I posted that I had to buy a flintlock kit that I didn’t want in order to get the finished Hawkin rifle I did want. You can refer to my original post at this link: Rifle builder Allen B. Postel of Gilbert, IA . I finally found the time to organize the parts, build a shipping box...
  4. Clint Meier

    FOR SALE Map Horn (Horn #40)

    Darn, you sure do a wonderful job! You make my feeble attempts at horn-making look very crude in comparison! Thanks for letting us have a look!
  5. Clint Meier

    Greetings from Missouri

    Welcome from a Colorado transplant to SE of KC, MO! A lot of great information is available here to take advantage of. Just ask or read!
  6. Clint Meier

    Musket(?) & Back Action Lock Questions

    Thanks for your comments cynthialee! Appreciated! Sam, PM sent.
  7. Clint Meier

    Musket(?) & Back Action Lock Questions

    Thanks for pointing that feature out tallPercshooter, I had failed to notice that myself.
  8. Clint Meier

    Musket(?) & Back Action Lock Questions

    Boy, I'd have thought that someone on this forum might have had a clue as to what either of these locks may have come off of! I guess that I win at stumping the readers! Thanks for looking!
  9. Clint Meier

    Got my tools, ready to disassemble, any words of warning?

    I used to manage a large camera store in Colorado with an in-house camera repair department. The technicians used the bottoms of egg cartons and placed the parts in the individual partitions as things came apart. It made reassembly in reverse order much easier.
  10. Clint Meier

    Musket(?) & Back Action Lock Questions

    Howdy folks, my dad had a few ML parts that I got among other things when he passed in 2018. Just now getting around to sorting through some of his stuff. Pictured below are two old lock assemblies, one possibly from some kind of Musket and the other just a percussion back action lock. On the...
  11. Clint Meier

    Build a Try-Stock

    If cast on or off is desired, it can be easily accomplished by adding tapered wooden wedges of different taper thicknesses (something like the shims used to install door frame casings) between the front end and butt stock pieces of Eric Krewson's design above (see his post #4 above). They would...
  12. Clint Meier

    Oxalic acid for oil stain removal

    I have done a considerable amount of refinishing on old oil-soaked and water/rust stained stocks. The oxalic acid will remove the almost black rust stains in wood caused by a gun that has repeatedly gotten wet. Wet wood against metal rusts and causes black wood stains in the wood it is in...
  13. Clint Meier

    Stupid refinishing mistake, need advice.

    OK, I'll add my 2 cents! Working with acetone is risky, it is a lipid solvent, which means it can transport some stuff dissolved in it right through your skin and directly into your blood stream, given enough exposure. Wearing heavy solvent resistant gloves is MANDATORY if you value your...
  14. Clint Meier

    Thor Bullets Sizing Pack concerns / removing breechplugs for caliber sizing

    This may step on few toes, and if so, sorry. I think that some of you that responded have missed a point here. The OP, who is a relatively newcomer to this forum, is asking about Thor Bullets, which, if I'm not mistaken, are designed more for in-lines with faster twists, and maybe not fixed...
  15. Clint Meier

    Blowing down the barrel

    OK, I'll do my best to answer newbie mkabe's question in post #69 above. It is because those posts appear in the Premium Forums and can only be seen by supporting members who have paid a small yearly fee in support of the forum. Those regular members who have not paid the fee don't have access...
  16. Clint Meier

    Ultrasonic Cleaner

    I have used a 3 Qrt. US cleaner for several years, mostly for unmentionable O/U and SxS shotgun actions and ML locks and would agree with everything that bptactical said above. My US unit came with an additional dunk tank that sits on top of the main unit and hangs down into the cleaning tank...
  17. Clint Meier

    Removing the barrel on a hooked breech rifle for cleaning, yes or no??

    Yes, I remove the barrel from the stock to clean it every single time too! Don't have to be nearly as careful and protective of the stock that way!
  18. Clint Meier

    The last hawken I’ll ever have to buy! Roller, Weimer, England!

    I don't see how one could improve much on that rifle! And I thought the one I picked up recently was nice! Shoot & enjoy, MedicMike3762 !
  19. Clint Meier

    SOLD Hawken/ML Parts For Sale

    Thanks Mulebrain! Very easy. I was just following another's suggestion at having the moderators do that. Always learning!
  20. Clint Meier

    I HAVE NO CLUE? Looking for any help

    Sorry for the loss of your father Bud326! It hurts, I know. The parts almost all look to have been sand-cast in iron/steel, very unusual, for sure!