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  1. skypilot39b

    tumbling balls

    OK, that title sounds a little suspect. What I'm wondering is if anyone puts cast balls into a tumbler to smooth them out and knock the spru off. Any thoughts?
  2. skypilot39b

    Eastern Kansas Western Missouri Black Powder?

    I just moved to Manhattan Kansas and am looking for a place to purchase real Black Powder, Kansas City area is my guess but I'm having a hard time finding it
  3. skypilot39b

    lock tuning

    I got my Lyman rifle all back together but with the new barrel the touch hole is significantly above the bottom of the pan. As I look at the lock it looks like I can adjust the pan up by loosening a screw at the front of the pan, however I am having a TERRIBLE time getting it loose, I've...
  4. skypilot39b

    Looking for Bag Mould

    I'm looking for a bag mould for my .54. I've heard generally poor reviews on the TOW ones, what are other sources out there? A campfire appropriate lead ladle would be good as well.
  5. skypilot39b

    builder/seller in North Central Tennessee

    OK, I thought I had his information marked, but can't find it. I'm looking for a fairly well known builder/seller in Tennessee, north of Nashville a bit. works out of a small shop in a small town and I wish I could think of the rest of who he is, but I'm sure someone will know who I'm talking...
  6. skypilot39b

    Inkle loom

    OK, I just built one, I've done one strap, you can clearly see which end I started with and which end I had learned a few things on by the time I got there. Any tips, tricks, or observations to help me get started?
  7. skypilot39b

    cleaning question

    yeah, I know, it's a can of worms.....This question is fairly simple. Lyman GPR, Flint, do I leave the touch hole liner in or take it out for cleaning?
  8. skypilot39b

    Baseball and shooting

    So I was talking to one of my friend's sons about shooting and rifling and smooth bore and showing him some balls that I had cast and he noticed the sprue and asked about it and we got to talking about flight characteristics. He decided we need to have a mould that has baseball stitching into...
  9. skypilot39b

    Just ordered a Lyman GPR Kit

    Never shot flint before, have wanted to for years, Never built my own gun before, wanted to for years. This ought to be fun :thumbsup:
  10. skypilot39b

    South West Oregon

    My dad is looking to pick up some Black Poweder in SW Oregon and is having a hard time finding a dealer, does anyone have any suggestions? He lives in Grants Pass
  11. skypilot39b


    OK, I've heard from some people that this stuff is the best stuff in the world for everything...sounded like they were selling WD-40 or something. I've not been on this forum for long, but I have figured out that there are people on both sides of EVERY issue who are more than willing to make...
  12. skypilot39b

    Kansas City Shops

    this may be the wrong place to put this, but it is as good as any I could think of, move if necessary. Is there someplace in the greater Kansas City area that carries REAL black powder? I'm going up there to hang with some good friends and will be doing some shooting and would love to be able...
  13. skypilot39b

    patch lubing procedure

    OK, one of the things I have learned about muzzle loading is that there is as much alchemy involved in the concoction of lubes as there is in the quenching of viking sword steel. Ideally with the urine of an undefiled virgin combined with the blood of your enemies, boiled over a white oak fire...
  14. skypilot39b

    .45 Pedersoli KLR load

    I've been experimenting with loads and patching on my .45 Pedersoli Kentucky Long Rifle, all PRB....good tight, 2-3" groups at 50 yards, can't find it on a 4'x4' paper at 100 yards. FRUSTRATING! I'm shooting 70 up to 90 grains FFF. would FF make a difference? what are some of your thoughts
  15. skypilot39b

    H&A Underhammer pistol nipple

    I need a new nipple for my H&A underhammer, can some one help me with the thread size?
  16. skypilot39b

    trigger pull on Pedersoli Kentucky Long Rifle

    How do I reduce the trigger pull on this? It takes, as my grandpa would say, two men and a boy to get this to fire. looking for help
  17. skypilot39b

    It's a good day when you learn something

    Took my Pedersoli Kentucky Long Rifle out to the range to try to do some good siting work with it and learn what it likes. When I started BP my dad had sent me some balls for the .45 H&A Pistol he gave me and I started with those at 70 grains using a .015 pre-lubed patch. The range I have...
  18. skypilot39b

    more fun at Williamsburg

    OK, so Colonial Williamsburg is one of my families favorite places in the world to go. They have a new program there allowing folks to fire some of their weapons. looks like a pretty good program to educate some folks on what is that we love...
  19. skypilot39b

    new part of the country for me

    OK, the Army recently moved me to Eglin, AFB in NW Florida....anything in the area here, I've done some googling but have been unsuccessful
  20. skypilot39b

    Nipple Fouling

    OK, was out this weekend with my Kentucky Long Rifle and my H&A Underhammer pistol. With the pistol I ran into a problem with the nipple fouling to the point where it was difficult to get another cap on. The nipple was clear to fire, but fouled around it. Not something I'd come across before...