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  1. Shiloh1944

    Latest tomahawk project.

    I have been wanting to do another tomahawk so before it gets too hot here I decided to customize a Cold Steel spike tomahawk. I have done a few of these in years past but haven't done one in awhile. I thought with all the shutdowns why not. I wasn't sure what I wanted it to look like so I just...
  2. Shiloh1944

    DOUBLEDEUCE 1's first customized tomahawk.

    DOUBLEDEUCE 1 and I have been communicating both here on the forum and via personal email since him seeing my thread on customizing various commercial tomahawks. He decided he wanted to give it a shot himself so after some questions he decided on the CRKT tomahawk to be the one to try his hand...
  3. Shiloh1944

    Need advise on Lyman GPR flint kit rifle I just completed.

    I completed my GPR flint rifle kit a few weeks ago but just haven't had the opportunity to get to the range due to weather conditions. I was able to finally take the rifle out to the range yesterday to see how she performed. I will confess this was my first time in attempting to shoot a...
  4. Shiloh1944

    Need advise on Lyman GPR trigger group.

    Gentlemen, I have been working on my Lyman GPR flint rifle kit and I have a question. My trigger group does not have a crisp trigger break no matter how I adjust the double set trigger adjustment screw. With the screw all the way in and the back trigger set I still have about 1/8" play before...
  5. Shiloh1944

    My newly assembled knife.

    My first attempt at a more period correct knife than what I have normally done in the past. I did it from one of the Dexter Russell high carbon knife kits. It was the Green River Butcher blade blank that I reground to a different shape. The curly Maple handle scales came with it. I also replaced...
  6. Shiloh1944

    My Hawken faddish.

    I guess one would say I have a Hawken rifle faddish although I do have a few other style muzzleloaders. I haven’t had the opportunity to be around other folks who are interested in early black powder firearms much. I used to have a couple of buddies that were to some degree, but they have both...
  7. Shiloh1944

    First ever high-end kit rifle.

    Here is my first ever high-end rifle kit build. It is a TOTW Kit Carson Hawken kit that I bought from an individual on this site. It was a kit he ordered and decided not to build so I purchased it from him. After receiving it and looking it over I thought maybe I had jumped off the deep end...
  8. Shiloh1944

    Attempting to customize a CRKT hammer pole tomahawk.

    Well, I have customized the Cold Steel and Condor pipe hammer pole hawk so I thought why not do the Columbia River Knife and Tool (CRKT) tomahawk as well. As you can see by the photos it does not have the set screw. It is composed of 1055 carbon steel the same as the Cold Steel hawks. Thankfully...
  9. Shiloh1944

    Customizing another new tomahawk

    I have over the last 4 or 5 years customized a number of Cold Steel tomahawks. This is my latest. I still have to blue/brown it and redo the haft so it is a project still in progress. I am also customizing a Condor but I am currently waiting to get the Makers marks welded up because they are...
  10. Shiloh1944

    Range report on my new-to-me Pedersoli RMH.

    OK, I finally was able to get to the range today since getting my new-to-me Pedersoli RMH rifle with the cracked stock I fixed. I guess you guys won’t believe me if I told you that you are looking at three different three shot groups, but you are. My very first group is the one to the left of...
  11. Shiloh1944

    One of those rare deals that just don't happen often.

    Recently I was in the market for a new muzzleloader so I had been looking on the internet for the best bargain. I pretty much knew what style firearm I wanted and after checking prices and looking on the auction sites for something I had narrowed my decision down to the Pedersoli Rocky Mountain...
  12. Shiloh1944

    Early Pedersoli Hawken?

    Does anyone know if Pedersoli made an earlier Hawken rifle prior to their current Rocky Mountain Hawken? I recently purchased a Pedersoli Hawken that I believe is before their current one. The only barrel markings are in this order, the serial #, the cal., Pedersoli trademark, Black Powder only...
  13. Shiloh1944

    About the kits

    I checked them out and there are some very nice kits. Do you know if the under rib is pre drilled for the thimbles and the barrell drilled and taped and ready to install the under rib like on T/C kits or do you have to do that on your own. Are the breach plugs installed or does that also have to...
  14. Shiloh1944

    Hawken kits?

    SR James, Do you have or can I get more information about the kits by Don Stith. I have looked at a couple kits I found on line but they are as expensive as the Pedersoli rifle. Thanks
  15. Shiloh1944

    Question about the Pedersoli Mountain Hawken.

    I am new here so this question may have already been asked before. Has any one shot the Pedersoli Mountain Hawken? How does it shoot and is the fit and finish better than just good? Thanks
  16. Shiloh1944

    Hello from San Angelo, TX.

    Hello, I am new to the site. It has been awhile since I have shot black powder. I have recently had to retire so I am planning on beginning to do a lot more traditional black powder shooting than I have done recently. I have always liked traditional muzzle loading rifles and hope to be able to...